Entrepreneurs Anonymous

Do you ever feel like you’re on your own in this entrepreneurial journey? Do you struggle to find people you can connect with and learn from that truly understand what you’re going through? I certainly did and that’s why I created Entrepreneurs Anonymous. To enable like minded entrepreneurs to meet and connect and to brainstorm and problem solve together so that instead of learning every mistake through their own experience, they could learn at a collective rate, speed up their entrepreneurial journey and have some fun along the way.


What Would I Gain From Something Like This?

From my years of experience, both as an Entrepreneur and supporting other entrepreneurs, the impact and value gained from this kind of network is nothing short of exceptional. From a personal standpoint, having mental and emotional support is so necessary when it comes to maintaining momentum, energy and vitality in driving your business forward. From a professional standpoint, the insights, understanding and wisdom we can derive by connecting with a varied and rich community of entrepreneurs is indispensable and life changing.



Am I An Entrepreneur? Is This For Me?

Whatever your work is, if the responsibility of what you earn lies firmly on your shoulders, you are an entrepreneur. Whether this community is for you or not however is a whole other question and to be upfront, it’s certainly not for everyone. If you’re curious to learn more I’d invite you to sign up to our open evening webinar below.

If You’d Like To Learn More, Let Me Know

If you’re interested in learning more about Entrepreneurs Anonymous and possibly joining, leave your details below. and I’ll follow up with you when I can.

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