Entrepreneurs Anonymous

Do you ever feel like you’re on your own in this entrepreneurial journey? Do you struggle to find people you can connect with and learn from that truly understand what you’re going through? I certainly did and that’s why I created Entrepreneurs Anonymous. To enable like minded entrepreneurs to meet and connect and to brainstorm and problem solve together so that instead of learning every mistake through their own experience, they could learn at a collective rate, speed up their entrepreneurial journey and have some fun along the way.


What Would I Gain From Something Like This?

From my years of experience, both as an Entrepreneur and supporting other entrepreneurs, the impact and value gained from this kind of network is nothing short of exceptional. From a personal standpoint, having mental and emotional support is so necessary when it comes to maintaining momentum, energy and vitality in driving your business forward. From a professional standpoint, the insights, understanding and wisdom we can derive by connecting with a varied and rich community of entrepreneurs is indispensable and life changing.


Whats It Like As A Member?

We connect as a community over Whatsapp and meet together as a group every second week on zoom. Through Whatsapp its like having a go to group for quick advice, solutions and recommendations where everyones there to support and help. Bi-Weekly then on zoom I host workshops on key areas of necessity, special guests to share their inspiring stories and a monthly networking event to help members meet and connect with others in the space. Its essentially the support and growth space you’ve been looking for.

Want to Sign Up?

Joining Entrepreneurs Anonymous costs €50 Monthly, To join click the button below.

Once you sign up, I'll add you to the whatsapp group, introduce you and from there you'll be notified regarding the next meeting. The subscription will automatically renew on the same day you've signed up monthly. If at any time you wish to pause your subscription, just email me and I'll stop the payment. See you in there soon, Jamie

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