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Podcast EP 12

The University of Life & Becca Gillen

Becca Gillen is a mindset coach with an incredible online following. She’s built a life

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Podcast EP 11

The University of Life & Joe O’Brien

Joe is a health psychologist who’s especially interested in behavioural change. As someone who’s obsessed

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Podcast EP 10

The University of Life & Will Meara

Will is a good friend and a fascinating guy. Very hard to introduce as he does

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Podcast EP 9

The University of Life & Emma O’Toole

This episode and conversation for me was incredible, Emma is so open, so raw and

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Podcast EP 8

The University of Life & Thomas McCormack

In this episode I delve into the Life Coaching space together with my friend and

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Podcast EP 7

The University of Life & Niall O’Murchu

In this episode, I talk with Niall O’Murchu, a friend, an amazing character and a

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The University of Life is all about the sharing of life lessons, hacks and wisdom from those that have lived and learned through experience and necessity. The goal of this podcast is to share their inspiring stories and empart their life lessons to ultimately help you live more authentically and thrive.

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The University of Life & Sean Tracey

At 16 Sean Tracey is Ireland’s young filmmaker of the year for two years running

The University of Life & Kevin Boyle

Kevin Boyle is the host of The Yoga Life podcast, he’s a yoga teacher and

The University of Life & Siobhan O’Hagan

Siobhan O’Hagan is an online personal trainer who has built up an incredible following for

The University of Life & Dr. Fionnula McHale

Dr. Fionnula McHale is a medical doctor who practices functional medicine. She’s predominantly works with

The University of Life & Darren Kennedy

Darren is a TV host and entrepreneur. He’s someone that radiates good energy, positivity and

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