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Podcast EP 36

The University of Life & David Hans Barker

Meet David Hans Barker aka The Millionaire Monk who is taking vipassana meditation online and

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Podcast EP 35

The University of Life & Tui Van Renterghem

Meet Tui Van Renterghem, vegan fitness coach and CrossFit athlete. Tui is absolutely inspiring, she’s

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Podcast EP 34

The University of Life & Bekah England

Meet Bekah England who essentially talks with dead people. Bekah is an intuitive guide and

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Podcast EP 33

The University of Life & Victoria Evans

Let me introduce you to Victoria Evans, an intuitive eating expert that specialises in helping

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Podcast EP 32

The University of Life & Julia Wild & Rikki Carman

Do you ever wonder how couples end up having threesomes, is it something you’ve ever

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Podcast EP 31

The University of Life & Freya Savage

Meet Freya, a money and business coach with a deep understanding of personal development and

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If someone was sharing all they could with their younger self or someone following in their footsteps what would they say? What could you learn from listening in? I've been fascinated by these kinds of conversations since I can remember, I'm a curious type and I take so much from the life lessons, hacks and wisdom that comes from them. On this podcast I share these conversations and the lessons I learn along the way.

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The University of Life & Phoebe Kuhn

Meet Phoebe Kuhn, a branding & story telling expert thats making an exciting name for

The University of Life & Aurimas Juodka

Meet this incredible man Aurimas Juodka, AJ for short. AJ specialises in productivity, efficiency and

The University of Life & Amanda Biccum

Raw, honest, vulnerable and educational. This conversation with Amanda Biccum is something else. Amanda works

The University of Life & Dylan Werner

Oh what a pleasure it is to share this conversation with you that I had

The University of Life & Joe Moore

What a pleasure it is to introduce you to my good friend Joe Moore. Joe

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