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Podcast EP 9

The University of Life & Emma O’Toole

This episode and conversation for me was incredible, Emma is so open, so raw and

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Podcast EP 8

The University of Life & Thomas McCormack

In this episode I delve into the Life Coaching space together with my friend and

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Podcast EP 7

The University of Life & Niall O’Murchu

In this episode, I talk with Niall O’Murchu, a friend, an amazing character and a

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Podcast EP 6

The University of Life & Gary Cunningham

In this episode I sit down with Gary Cunningham, someone thats navigated through battles with

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Podcast EP 5

The University of Life & Paul Walsh

In this episode I sit down with Paul Walsh, a personal friend and someone who

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Podcast EP 4

The University of Life & Pat Falvey

In this episode I sit down with Pat Falvey.  Pat is a world renowned explorer, Guinness world

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If someone was sharing all they could with their younger self or someone following in their footsteps what would they say? What could you learn from listening in? I've been fascinated by these kinds of conversations since I can remember, I'm a curious type and I take so much from the life lessons, hacks and wisdom that comes from them. On this podcast I share these conversations and the lessons I learn along the way.

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The University of Life & Abby Wynne

Abby Wynne is a bestselling author and healer who blends Shamanism, Psychotherapy and Energy Healing

The University of Life & Natasha Vavasour

If you’ve been introduced to cacao recently chances are its because of this woman, Natasha

The University of Life & Sinead Bailey Kelly

Sinead Bailey Kelly is one half of H&G Creations and if you know anything about

The University of Life & Sean Treacy

At 16 Sean Treacy is Ireland’s young filmmaker of the year for two years running

The University of Life & Kevin Boyle

Kevin Boyle is the host of The Yoga Life podcast, he’s a yoga teacher and

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