The University of Life & Darragh Stewart

Darragh is a scientist who’s especially interested in psychedelics and specialises in that space. He’s also the co-founder of Inward Bound who host psychedelic retreats in the Netherlands. 

The world of psychedelics from a self discovery and optimisation basis is something that I am absolutely fascinated with. I really believe they can be extremely beneficial when used in a respectful and disciplined manner. 

From an entrepreneurial perspective, I really believe this is a space that’s going to grow and grow and its also really on the edge of “whats okay” so I’m very interested to hear how he got in to it, what challenges he’s faced and lessons learned. 

This is a real jump into the psychedelics world, theres a lot in it. Its a conversation I really enjoyed and took so much from and so I’m delighted to share it with you. If you want to connect in with him from here, you can find him via: or

The University of Life & Darragh Stewart

I really hope you enjoyed this podcast.

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Wow, that was the breakthrough I was looking for!!! Whatever about personal development, self help books and therapies.... The post lockdown hair cut is the cure.

Thank you @itsseanybeebaby & @cutandsewdublin

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On screen, it’s impossible not to notice @darrenkennedyofficial ’s unending charisma and the vibrancy that beams out from any channel he graces, but have you ever met the man behind the scenes?

Here, Darren shines a light on his life. the way he beautifully articulates the challenges of coming out, living authentically and the importance of perseverance.

It is an interview packed with power, honesty and formidable insights that might remind you that your challenges are not a block to your success, but a doorway. Pain is not a mistake but a portal. And our deepest longings are not faults, but parts of ourselves that just want to be met.

And how truly finding the path to loving yourself relentlessly is absolutely vital to living a life that’s in alignment with exactly who you are.

Whoever you are, whatever your gender, whoever you choose to love, I think this podcast is for anyone that needs to remember...You are needed in this world.

Thank you Darren. To listen follow the link in my bio.

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Has anyone else found that #lockdown has helped them reprioritize and do more of the simple things that they really enjoy?

The swimming buzz has me now, next I’ll be buying a #dryrobe

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Fascinating to sit down with @darstewy and explore his world for The University of Life.

Darragh is a scientist and an entrepreneur who’s built a legal psychedelic retreat in the Netherlands called @inwardbound_retreat
We discussed his journey to where he is now, his thoughts on the space as a whole, the benefits, the risks and so much more.

This is a real jump into the psychedelics world, there’s a lot in this and from an entrepreneurial perspective it’s especially interesting as it’s really on the cutting edge of things and certainly a growth area for going forward.

It’s a conversation I really enjoyed and I’m delighted to share it with you. For anyone interested to learn more in this world, this is a must listen!

Follow the link in my bio and enjoy.

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@headfirst0 thank you for sharing your story with me for The University of Life and your wealth of knowledge.

Joe is a health psychologist who’s especially interested in behavioural change, how we develop long lasting change for ourselves. If you follow him on social media you’ll appreciate how he expertly simplifies points and with this, reaches and impacts so many.

I took so much from this conversation which for where things are was really timely. There’s a lot in it and I’m delighted to share it with you.

Give yourself an hour over the weekend, follow the link in my bio and enjoy.

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Sharing a little nostalgic throwback to a delighted and relieved me after having hosted the real life @wolfofwallst Jordan Belfort to 3,000 people in the @rdsdublin this day back in 2014.

Signed the deal with him just as the movie was coming out and then hosted the event with him four weeks later. It was a ridiculous turnaround time and a rollercoaster of craziness between pr, logistics, ticket sales and event management but what an experience and success.

Was anyone in my network now at it then?

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Delighted to be hosting Entrepreneurs Anonymous this Thursday night together with @lorraineheskin who’ll be sharing how she’s been navigating through the last few months with @gourmetfoodparlour in this #covidcrisis.

Entrepreneurs Anonymous is a space for Entrepreneurs to come together to discuss, brainstorm, support and connect with each other. From my years of experience, both as an Entrepreneur and supporting other entrepreneurs, the impact and value gained from these types of events is nothing short of exceptional.

Whatever your work is, if the responsibility of what you earn lies firmly on your shoulders, you are an entrepreneur and this is for you.

With the nature of this event, tickets are limited to keep the space close knit. Follow the link in the bio to book and for more information on the format. I look forward to seeing you on Thursday evening.

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If 100 people all sit in a room and listen to someone give a speech, I’ve learned that each person will hear and connect with it differently, each taking different learnings based on where they’re at in their lives, their circumstances etc.

I’m sharing this snippet from a talk that @alain_de_botton gave some time ago as it exemplifies that point for me. You’ll find it in its entirety on YouTube if you’d like to hear more.

It’s a talk that I hear, connect with and learn from differently each time I listen to it.

For me right now I don’t just hear it in relation to my love life, I see it’s wisdom across all relationships in my life and especially so with myself.

It encourages me to relax the bullshit facade that I’ve found myself presenting sometimes and to be more comfortable in my authentic self. To open up to the key people that I have in my life more and to let them know that I don’t just appreciate them but for some I really need them too. Lastly, to relax the expectations I have not just on those around me but on myself too.

It’s really beautiful how much wisdom you can take and how much change can be inspired from only a few words.
Enough about me, enjoy and I hope it brings you value.

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You have heard of @bingo.loco but have you heard of the man behind it?

Introducing @willmeara.loco
Charming, fascinating, bold and one of the men that made bingo cool again.

An phenomenal entrepreneur and world traveler, this interview is jammed with power punching business insights and captivating stories that would inspire any entrepreneur to turn their Venture...into an ADVENTURE.

The perfect accompaniment to your weekend! Follow the link in bio and Enjoy!


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Delighted to be joined by @devanhughes this Thursday evening for Entrepreneurs Anonymous.

I've asked Devan to join us and share his journey to date, how he's been navigating through the ever changing environment and striving forward.

On my part I want to share something thats been coming up in a lot of the coaching work that I've been doing recently and delve in to the self confidence space as so many people have had theirs knocked and also talk about imposter syndrome as so many people are feeling this and being held back by it.

Get involved and join us this Thursday evening. For tickets and more info, follow the link in my bio.

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@emmadileeeema thank you for sharing your story with me on The University of Life.

The conversations centres around the initial triggers that led to her developing mental health issues, how anorexia soon followed, the various recovery programs that she found herself in, how some of these actually made things worse and how ultimately she then recovered.

This conversation for me was amazing, I don’t know the space well enough and with the way Emma so openly speaks, I really learned and grew through this. Its changed my understanding of the whole area and how to help if ever I get the opportunity to.

If you haven’t listened to this already, make some time and do it.

Follow the link in my bio.

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