The Benefits of an Apprenticeship in Entrepreneurship

Apprenticeship in entrepreneurship is one of the best ways of getting ahead in the industry.

The benefits of an apprenticeship in entrepreneurship shouldn’t be underrated. There is so much to be learned by standing alongside someone who knows the ropes inside out.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don’t even consider the idea of an apprenticeship. Standing in someone’s shadow? No way.

But there’s a lot to be gained in standing in the wings and seeing what goes on behind the scenes, and on stage.


Old Stereotypes


There are these stereotypes floating around about entrepreneurs that I keep coming across;

->     That entrepreneurs just launch into business when they have an idea

->      That they don’t go to college – they’re just too eager to get started

->      And they won’t and don’t work for anyone else.

image of a male in a suit walking down a flight of stairs holding a briefcase, personifying the stereotypical "entrepreneur" who doesn't do apprenticeships


The “Success” Stories

A little akin to Steve Jobs dropping out of college and setting up the world’s first billion-dollar company, right?Picture of famous Apple founder and entrepreneur Steve Jobs


But we can’t all be Steve Jobs.


Societal Standards

These, or variations of these notions, I see all the time. People think them. People perpetuate them. And people re-enact them. We see them in movies and the media all the time.

picture of young man in a suit - image of a typical entrepreneur

But it’s just an “idea” we have of who an entrepreneur is.

And it’s simply not true.

There is no one-size-fits-all for an entrepreneurial path and boxing people in never does us any favours.


Barriers to Benefits

These stereotypes mean that those who want to become an entrepreneur might be adverse to the idea of going to college or working for someone else because that’s not what they’re “supposed” to do.Image of entrepreneur sitting at desk with laptop open and black coffee beside him.

And I think that’s such a shame.

Because really, I think entrepreneurship starts with apprenticeship.

Becoming an apprenticeship in entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to get a good business education – real life.


My Journey

I’ll admit that in my journey as an entrepreneur, I got sucked into all those stereotypes which means that I tried to follow that sort of path.

I made every easy mistake and learned hard way. And here’s the kicker – all at my own expense.

If I were to go back and start over, I would find an entrepreneur that really inspires me – and just throw myself at them.

Offer to work for free for the first year, or however long it needs to be to gain the experience I need. To learn all I can from that person so that it will refine my perspective before I start out on my own.


The Benefits 

If you do this, you’ll learn all that you need to learn in real-time and in the real world – but at their expense (i.e. – not yours).Photo of hollistic business coach and entrepreneur Jamie White, discussing his journey in business

You’ll build all of your experience at someone else’s expense.

It’s a free education.


Mutual Beneficiaries 

It’s a free education for you. And a free worker for them. It’s a win-win situation.

You gain a foothold in the industry and a wealth of contacts by working alongside a highly respected entrepreneur. And if you do well alongside that person, that can take you a long way.


Launching Later

Taking on an apprenticeship in business might mean that you launch later yourself in whatever it is that you want to do. But think of it as a trial run.

You make any mistakes in an apprenticeship – it’s not on your watch, it won’t cost you anything, and it won’t negatively affect your business.

people clinking champagne glasses when opening a business comes to selling a businessYou have someone to guide you through those challenges and advise you in everything the first time around – so you don’t make them in the second round (i.e. your round).


Putting these Benefits to Use 

So when you do pursue your business idea, the odds will be tilted in your favour.

smiling young entrepreneur sitting at his desk swivelling - the benefits of entrepreneurship

And I’d actually argue that all of these benefits you take from an apprenticeship will actually save you money in the long run.

You won’t make that schoolboy error of ordering too much stock the first time round or spending too much on marketing in the first few weeks of a business. You can avoid these simple mistakes by watching somebody else at work – and asking them any questions you might have about anything.


It’s Part of the Process

The thing I want to stress in this post is that being an apprentice for a while in business should be a “given” in the industry.

I think that it should be the rule and not the exception. It is integral to the nature of entrepreneurship.


Why I Share What I Learn

That’s why I had to share it. Because of those misconceptions out there.

man in suit counting money - the stereotype about entrepreneur when it comes to apprenticeship

Particularly the one that entrepreneurs just will never work for anyone else. It’s nonsense, and is too wrapped up in the “ego” side of things. It pays to be humble sometimes.


Success Rates

I repeat this statistic a lot:

-> 9/10 businesses fail in their first year

-> Of those that survive the first year, 9/10 of fail in their second


The odds are so heavily stacked against the entrepreneur.

So as a response to that, it’s wise to do as much as you can to stack them in your own favour and push back against those odds.

Getting experience elsewhere, that will build up your potential for success.

So don’t discredit it.

Any questions, feel free to reach out to me.




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