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Do you ever feel like you’re on your own in your business journey?

Do you struggle to find people you can connect with and learn from that truly understand what you’re going through?

I certainly did and that’s why I created my inner circle.

To enable like minded purpose driven entrepreneurs to connect, problem solve and grow together.

To have the necessary support and guidance on hand and when needed so that nothing holds you up in your progress.

To ensure ongoing direction and accountability.

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What It's Like As A Member


It's like having a go to group for quick advice, solutions and recommendations where everyone's there to support and help.

Expert Support

Every other week we host workshops on key areas of necessity together with special guests to share learnings, expertise and compliment your growth.


It's very easy to get caught up in your business, this group holds you accountable to work not just on your business but on yourself too.

We connect as a community over WhatsApp and meet together as a group on Zoom.

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This is for you if:

You’ve done one of my programs and want to stay connected and continue your learning, accountability & growth.

You want a support centre and go to space for you and your business as your progress in your career.

You want to connect with other like minded purpose driven entrepreneurs, share learnings and complement each other’s growth.

Supporting Mentors

Frank & Marci

Brand Strategists & Storytellers

Therese Tierney

Entrepreneurial Energy Healer

Philip Smith

Online Advertising Specialist

Nicole Szoko

Teaching & Course Building Expert

I have 4 partnering coaches that host a monthly support circle in their specific area of expertise for 60 to 90 minutes. The time is spent supporting members in their area of expertise via first checking in with everyone, talking into what comes up and then answering any questions needed. They also offer discounted rates on 1:1 consultancy.

Count me in

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Let's do it!

Apply To Join The Inner Circle

The Inner circle costs €100 monthly.

If you’d like to join, fill in the form below and I’ll follow up with you then once we’re accepting more members.

Hopefully see you in there soon, Jamie

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I'm Jamie

A coach, speaker and serial entrepreneur absolutely passionate about helping heart centred coaches, therapists and educators thrive in their businesses. Why? …Because the better you do, the better the world does.

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I’ll see if this is the right fit for you.
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