5 Reasons Email Is An Essential Marketing Tool For Coaches

image on the email app - marketing for coaches

 Marketing for coaches can be tricky in the digital age. There are so many ways to reach people it can be difficult to know which model suits you best.

When you’re working with people one-on-one, email should be at the top of your list. Here’s why:


1) It’s Reliable 

Marketing for coaches is key, and a lot of that is done with social media these days, especially in this line of work. People like to gain an insight into the life of someone who they might trust with their journey.

man working as a coach in a gym training a woman

But when platforms such as Instagram completely overhaul their algorithms without notice, it can totally mess with your engagement.

This means having to re-evaluate your entire marketing plan at every unexpected turn. Incurring a lot of cost, stress, and time – that you hadn’t planned on spending.

man sitting at laptop looking stressed - marketing online can be stressful

But with email, you are always guaranteed to have direct access to your clients. Nobody can take your email list away from you.

Which – when the rug can be pulled out from you in so many other areas – is like gold dust.


2)  Email Has an Insanely High ROI

ROI for coaches - return on investment for marketing for coaches - picture of ROI on paper

Just like our clients, we all want value for money. That’s why Return on Investment is so important.

When you invest money and time into email marketing, the fruits of your labour are just that – fruitful. Brands with intelligent email marketing tactics see on average a $38 return for every $1 spent, which is a whopping 3,800% ROI.

coach organisation - open notebook and pen with figures for marketing for coaches

PPC (pay per click) ads return on average $2 for every $1 invested, which, when pitted next to email marketing – is a no brainer.


3) It’s Low Cost 

Starting out, one of the main barriers people can face is cost. So if you’re looking to keep overheads low, email is one of the cheapest forms of marketing out there.

coach counting money for marketing online

Even if your mailing list is small, if you put time and energy into it – it will grow. Knowing that you have a solid base of people to engage with is reassuring.

And so is the price tag.


4) It’s Personal 

two women sitting down for a coaching session

If you’re working with people one-on-one, it’s a very personal dynamic. So if you’re thinking of using email, it can be an opportunity to reflect that. It’s an opportunity to give people an idea of who you are and what working with you might entail.

These days, people really have to want to hear from you in order to hand over their precious email address. So we should handle it with care.

image on the email app - marketing for coaches It can feel invasive if somebody is suddenly bombarding you with marketing emails every single day.

If you allow yourself to become impersonal and cold in your engagement – it’s a sure fire way to get your potential clients to click the “spam” button.person with phone in their hand opening email from coach

Email is intimate, like receiving a letter. You are being invited into someone’s personal space. Engage with your potential clients in an authentic way with content that is quality over quantity.

We’d all much rather receive one piece of solid advice every month than a half-baked idea every day, right?


5) Targeted & Personalised Content

The last thing people want to read is something that is completely unrelated to them. What people want to know is: how will this benefit me? What will I gain if they invest in your services?

That is what sparks people’s interest.

women at laptop opening email from coach looking happy

If you’re offering something that is specific to someone, you’re far more likely to get a return on it.

Email allows you to separate your mailing list into different segments based on their preference. This means you can tailor your emails to certain clientele and demographic, allowing you to market more effectively.


6) It Boosts Traffic to Your Website

If you have a stellar website but are getting no visitors, this is a common problem. Email is one of the key ways to combat this. If your content is good in your email, people will trust that the content is good on your website.

picture of website open - signifying how email marketing is key for coaches to boost traffic to website

So spark their interest in what you have to say so that your clients are far more likely to click on that link you embedded at the bottom.

If you’ve come up with a great online course but nobody knows about it – send out an email with a call to action and see how your CTA (click-through rate) does. It’s guaranteed to boost your site visits. If you start increasing traffic to your site, more people will see it. So it will organically increase your online presence.


7) You Learn What Works 

learning what works through email marketing - picture of laptop open

There’s a very small window of opportunity to catch somebody’s attention when it comes to email. Think how many emails we scroll past and ignore. So getting it right is important.

With analytics, over time you will gain a sense of what resonates with your audience and what doesn’t. This information is invaluable as it allows you to make adjustments in response to what’s not working and what is; giving you the advantage of discarding what doesn’t, and building on what does.

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