What I Do?

I work with entrepreneurs to help unlock their potential and maximise their performance.

Here's an insight into how I work, find out what can be achieved through the words of some of my clients and some FAQs.

Podcast episode with Jamie White University of Life
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“I think I’ve had a huge problem with not having enough, Jamie helped me navigate through all the ideas I had in my head. In one month I was able to triple what I made at the yoga studio, I was in awe… I was shocked. I couldn’t even believe it. Thank you Jamie White!”

Chynna Dee Andrada

Client review after support and mentorship with Jamie White
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“Jamie totally helped me see a brand new business model that I never would have even imagined that I could have done. I’m working a way I never would have thought possible and I’m really enjoying being able to reach more people without spending more time in the business.”

Therese Tierney

Client testimonial from Jamie White program
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“Jamie made me feel so understood, even when I couldn’t quite understand myself. After every conversation I felt so calm, so motivated and so inspired. He has really helped me build my confidence, my leadership skills and my communication skills by creating a balance in all aspects of life.”

Michele van de Wetering

Jenny Gleeson support and mentoring testimonial of Jamie White
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“I laid everything on the line and from the get go we clicked. He gets me, he takes everything into account, inspires me always, he’s been incredibly supportive, I always feel like he has my back, he’s always on the end of the phone, I can’t say enough good things.”

Jennifer Gleeson

Business coaching testimonial of Jamie White from client
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“Owning your own business and having ambitions for it is really exciting but it can be a lonely place to be too. Jamie has a lot of experience and expertise and having someone like him on your team is only going to get you to realise your potential and ambitions quicker.”

Elizabeth Morrissey

Jamie White testimonials life coach
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“This month has been one of my biggest months for income, and that’s still having my family time, my self-care, and still having those boundaries up with my clients, but serving them at the highest level possible. The only word I can use for it is transformational.”

Sharon Ledwith

review from mentoring program with Jamie
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“Jamie White is the reason why my business has been able to expand and why I’ve been able to hone in my processes and really become more confident as an entrepreneur and coach. Jamie is able to cultivate this environment for you to be able to deep dive into this and translate it into your business.”

Nicole Szoko​

Testimonial for life coaching
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“Jamie was so patient with me. He met me where I was at and really cared. He wanted to bring as much value as he possibly could. I think he adapted to my style which I though was so amazing and intuitive. I could not have got to where I am now in terms of clarity that I have and excitement for where I’m going.”

Clara Kennedy

happy client after working and speaking with Jamie
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“My experience was amazing. I can’t explain the difference he’s made. I personally loved his passion and fire to help people, his ability to listen was amazing. If you’re looking for a coach with the desire and heart to help people, Jamie is definitely the one.”

Justin Vaidyan

Podcast and review with Jamie White
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“Jamie helped me understand what I really wanted. It was a really holistic approach. I feel so excited about my business and where I’m going in my life, and I don’t feel overwhelmed. I know the steps I need to take to get there, I feel confident and ready to do it.”

Victoria Evans

Amazing podcast with Jamie White
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“We clicked with Jamie, he understood our goals immediately and we both really appreciated his gently challenging style.  We feel like there is a weight lifted off our shoulders and we have so much more focus and clarity around our positioning, our niche and our offering. It’s been absolutely fantastic.”

Frank Prendergast & Marci Cornett

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Jamie is an incredible coach. He is someone that has changed my life. He has given me so many tools, so much insight and really empowered me to step into the responsibility of my business and the responsibility of caring for myself. He has been such an inspiration, coach, teacher and friend. “

Diana Fornaris

client image with dog
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“A massive thank you for everything that Jamie has done for me. From day one it was just amazing. He was so in tune with how I was feeling and gave such good expert advice that gave me confidence, not just in him but in me aswell. I would highly recommend his as a coach.”

Niamh Carolan

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“Working with Jamie was the best decision that I have made for my business. He is not your average mentor. He is a mentor with an added extra bit of spice. He is amazing. Jamie helps you see yourself and value yourself. To see your strengths and your weaknesses and link these to your business.”

Kelly O'Neill

Joe Moore, Testimonial.
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“Bringing Jamie in with his experience was absolutely crucial for our business. I cannot express enough how much time, money, energy and stress he saved us. It gave us immense clarity and direction for going forward. If you’re considering a coach, cannot recommend Jamie enough.

Joe Moore

Jamie White

Frequently asked question

I hope these answered any questions that may have been on your mind but if not, feel free to reach out to me below and I’ll come back to you as soon as I can.

Short answer, no. But think of it like this:

Every professional athlete needs a coach, right? The same goes for business owners who want to take their business to the next level in the most efficient way possible. Even if you’re amazing at what you do, support, guidance and accountability can go a long way.

Whatever you need. As I said, my private one-to-one coaching is specifically designed to help you achieve YOUR business goals – so you can live life on your terms. Read more about what it’s like to Work With Me.

No. In fact, I think you should steer clear of any coach who guarantees results. Why? Because coaching is a collaborative effort. If you don’t lean in and take action on your step-by-step plan, you won’t achieve anything. That said, if you trust the process, do the work, the sky’s the limit for you and your business.

It’s a bit of a magic process but essentially it comes down to helping you make better decisions. Think about it, how different would your circumstances be now if you had made better decisions in the past? …and what might your future look like with better decisions now?

As the old proverb suggests, “You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you’re too busy, then you should sit for an hour.” 

The same goes for coaching. Through the work we’ll do together, in just a few short weeks, you’ll be able to get MORE done in LESS time, without feeling overwhelmed.

I work with most (if not all) of my coaching clients over Zoom because they find it easier to fit into their daily schedule. However, I do offer in-person coaching to a select few clients. So, if you’d like to inquire about in-person coaching reach out via the contact form below and we can discuss it together. Read more on my Work With Me page.

That’s fine. Remember, I’m here to support you AND your business. But, ultimately, you’re in control of how “deep” you want to go. There’s no pressure to discuss anything you’re uncomfortable with.

I guess you won’t know for sure until you meet me. That’s why we’ll start with a compatibility call, before you make a decision. This low-key call will give us a chance to see if we’d work well together. 

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Maybe a quick call is all you need to get you unstuck. Maybe it’s the start of a coaching relationship, either way, if I can help I’d be delighted to. 

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