About - Jamie White

I’m Jamie White

I’m a Business Coach and Consultant currently based in Bali.

I help heart centred wellness coaches, healers and influencers thrive in their businesses in a way that’s authentic and aligned.

How I got here has been one hell of a journey….

In 2014 I ran one of Europe’s fastest growing communications agencies. This was the culmination of eight years of work.

I had become one of the most watched young entrepreneurs nationally as my business was growing to exponential new heights. I won in Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur and was noted as one of the top “30 under 30”. However I felt the building pressure of keeping up with a business that, to be quite frank, was growing faster than I was.

One year later this became obvious.

Our CFO pulled me into a meeting room, sat me down and delivered the news. “Jamie, you need to declare bankruptcy immediately.”

I sat in complete disbelief.

It was impossible to grasp how I could have ended up here. I thought I was worth millions and in one single moment, it transpired that I was actually in debt to nearly a million.

I was told that declaring bankruptcy and starting over was my only option. But there had to be another way. I decided to take things day by day to find out.

  • Every day that somebody didn’t knock on my door to close me down was another opportunity to create a different future.

Persevering through was seen as an impossibility and against all advice I received. However I found value in it; in challenging the given narrative, seeing if there was a possible way out and something valuable I could learn along the way.

It taught me more than I could imagine.

I became more present. I began focusing on the day I was in rather than the year that laid ahead. I treated every opportunity as a gift rather than a given. Most importantly, I became real. I had to be, as everybody knew my business. Its downfall and mine was public.

In surrendering to the unknown and making the most of what was immediately speaking in front of me, I discovered a new path – one that served me.

I looked out to others who were successful to see what I could learn from them. I began interviewing entrepreneurs that inspired me, looking at what worked for them versus what didn’t. I fell in love with the process of studying their patterns of success and then applying the learnings to my own journey.

What I took from this brought enormous value but always seemed to fall short when I applied these learnings to my own journey. There was something missing.

The real catalyst came from something completely unexpected.

I had heard of high level executives micro-dosing with Psilocybin and experimenting with altered states of consciousness. It brought them greater focus, clarity of vision and creativity amongst other things. It sounded fascinating. A journey into this space became my next adventure.

What an adventure it was.

It was life changing, the single most important learning experience I’ve had. Essentially this took me inside. Deep inside myself. Looking in, rather than out, I accessed a state of pure presence that enabled me to see things more clearly. Past issues faded away. Future plans, ambitions and wants for myself became all the more accessible.

I came out of this experience feeling lighter than ever before and excited for the path ahead knowing that everything I needed I already had. It gave me a feeling of deep, lasting natural confidence.

  • I realised that what existed within me, exists within all of us, an entire universe of answers to every question that I had previously looked outside to answer. I just needed to surrender to the outcome and trust myself.

Over the months that followed, I began following my heart over my head. I stood up for myself more and moved the relationships and commitments in my life away from states of compromise to compliment. Things just started to make more sense and a natural flow evolved. I created a new life for myself from a much more thought out and aligned place where everything I do is in compliment to me and who I am.

Professionally I cleared my slate, I withdrew from commitments and sold my businesses. I had a higher calling coming up inside me and I wanted to dedicate myself to it. The path I’m on now.

You see in going through what I did, I leaned on the support of others to help me persevere. I engaged wellness coaches, therapists, trainers, healers and consultants. They helped me see things differently, turn my challenges in to assets and triumph through.

It was also through my work with them that I found my calling. I noticed that while many were masterful at their craft they weren’t operating their businesses as they should. They had phenomenal skills but no business model and flow. The result of this left them feeling under-appreciated, undervalued and burnt out.

From my experience building businesses, starting over and persevering through, I’ve come to believe that for us to truly flourish in our lives, we need to have balance. We need to prioritise ourselves and create from a place of presence and alignment. We need mastery of our craft and to back this up with respect and consideration for the business model behind it.

I wanted to make an impact and knew that the best way for me to use my gifts and experience was to help those that were making a difference in the world and amplify their impact. For the better they do, the more people they’ll impact, the more good will flow and the better the world will be as a result.

This calling screamed out to me and inspired me on the path that I’m on now.

If you feel aligned, if you’re in the wellness space and would like to see what working together might look like. Reach out through the contact form and lets go from there.