I'm Jamie White

Who is Jamie White

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a passionate student of human behaviour, investigating why we do the things we do and what can be learned from the resulting experiences.

Making millions one year, to having gangsters and debt collectors knock at my door the next, taught me the value of every moment and how strong and resilient we can be when our backs are against the wall.

Grappling with severe burnout that left me hospitalised for weeks taught me to tune in to my own inner wisdom and how unfortunately sometimes we’re our own worst enemy.

My experiences have taught me to think very holistically, where all that we do is interconnected and how we are on the inside reflects itself on the outside. With this very much in mind, as a business coach I work with entrepreneurs in an all encompassing fashion, not just within the scope of business but life as a whole.

About Jamie White

I work with visionary entrepreneurs who are out to change the world for the better. They are resourceful and ambitious  — yet they too experience blocks, setbacks and uncertainty.

Through holistic and compassionate coaching, focused not just on what they do but who they are I help guide these outstanding entrepreneurs to make authentic and outstanding progress.

In my career to date I’ve won in Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur two consecutive years and was listed as one of Ireland’s top 30 under 30 in business. Through my own experiences and interviewing hundreds of other entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists and peak performers on my podcast The University of Life, I’ve learned not just how I could have done things differently, more efficiently and successfully, but how others can too — with dramatic effect.

We all have a world within us, and part of my coaching process is to explore this with you, to unlock your unique personality traits and better align what you do with who you are. As I discovered myself, this is where deep, lasting natural confidence comes from and a competitive advantage not just in business but life as a whole

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