About - Jamie White

I’m Jamie White

I’m a Business Coach, Consultant & Entrepreneur currently based in Europe.

I specialise in helping entrepreneurs overcome whatever obstacles might be in their way and thrive in what they do through a particular type of guidance & support that also prioritises your health & wellbeing too.

Here’s how I came to do what I do.

In 2014 I ran one of Europe’s fastest growing communications agencies. This was the culmination of eight years of work.

I had become one of the most watched young entrepreneurs nationally as my business was growing to exponential new heights. I won in Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur and was noted as one of the top “30 under 30”. However I felt the building pressure of keeping up with a business that, to be quite frank, was growing faster than I was and one year later this became obvious.

  • What happened next would change the way I approach business, success and life as a whole from then on.

Our CFO pulled me into a meeting room, sat me down and delivered the news. “Jamie, you need to declare bankruptcy immediately.”

I sat in complete disbelief.

It was impossible to grasp how I could have ended up here. I thought I was worth millions and in one single moment, it transpired that I was actually in debt to nearly a million.

I was told that declaring bankruptcy and starting over was my only option. But there had to be another way. I decided to take things day by day to find out.

  • Every day that somebody didn’t knock on my door to close me down was another opportunity to create a different future.

Persevering through was seen as an impossibility and against all advice I received. However I found value in it; in challenging the given narrative, seeing if there was a possible way out and something valuable I could learn along the way.

It taught me more than I could imagine. I became more present. I began focusing on the day I was in rather than the year that laid ahead. I treated every opportunity as a gift rather than a given. Most importantly, I became real. I had to be, as everybody knew my business. Its downfall and mine was public.

The pressure to make things right was immense and so, I sought out mentors and successful entrepreneurs to guide me. I took so much from working with them, learning their patterns of success and step by step I turned things around, I made things right. However, no sooner had I cleared my debts I found myself suffering a burnout so extreme that it saw me hospitalised.

  • In working through things I did what most people do in business. I put my work first.

I ate the wrong food because it was easier, I exercised less because I didn’t have the time, sleep wasn’t a priority, I never took a break and ignored when my body was calling for me to rest. I did all this not because I thought it was a good way to live, I knew better as most of us do, but in striving for success, I just didn’t believe I had the time to live in any other way.

This way of being led to me being hospitalised and it was at that point that I committed myself to learn how to prioritise my health and wellbeing alongside striving for success.

I learnt to listen to my body. I rested when my body asked me to rest. I ate what my body asked me to eat. I worked hard when my body had the energy to work hard. I learned how to flow, to fuel my body, nourish my heart and manage my mind in a way that set me up for a different kind of success to what I had known previously …one that was sustainable.

  • When you’re an entrepreneur your business is an extension of you and you are your most important client

In going through what I did, I essentially learned a new business philosophy and way of being, one I wished I’d known sooner and knew others would benefit from too.

Contrary to the popular narrative in society, I believe success in business shouldn’t come at the detriment of any other part of your life, your health, your relationships, your family and yourself. I believe real success and lasting confidence comes from a more balanced and holistic approach where these areas are prioritised and what we do is in compliment to who we are.

  • We are made to believe that we cannot do it all and this simply is not true.

The work I do is a particular type of coaching customised and tailored to you, totally focused on your success and achievement through whatever may be in your way.

My work is personal, I work 1:1 and its for those that want to create a powerful shift in their lives that will have an everlasting impact.

Click here and let’s have a chat. Let’s see what my work might do for you.