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With 16 Years of
Entrepreneurial &
Wellness Experience,
I'm Here To Help You Earn More,
Work Less & Achieve Balance

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Jamie White Life Coaching and Business Mentorship

As A Coach

I support my clients through a blend of life coaching and business mentoring.

My approach is a little unconventional. I don’t have a one-size-fits-all process. We’re all unique and complex, and what works for one person might not be the best fit for another. This is why I like to meet my clients where they are and tailor my approach to suit them with a blend of life coaching and business mentoring.

Step by step, we’ll work through whatever blocks might be in your way, both inlife and in business, and help you realise the potential you know is in you.

We’ll dive into the fabric of what you do and bring it into alignment with the very core of who you are – even if you feel like you might have lost touch with it.

We’ll uncover learnings from your past and use these to create a simple, actionable plan for moving forward.

Getting the results you want doesn’t have to mean hard work. We’ll make it easy to get you back in flow and have you earning more, working less and serving a greater impact.

Most importantly, we’ll make it fun.

I believe

Things Can Be Better, Easier & More Enjoyable.

With 16 years of experience navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life, I’ve learned things the hard way. I’ve pushed through problems only to realise there is a much more enjoyable and profitable path which I wasn’t aware of.

These hard-earned lessons are exactly why I do what I do. I am the person I wish I’d had at my most challenging entrepreneurial moments.

And that’s how I can help you. Wherever you are and whatever challenges you’re facing, just know that others have gone through similar and there is an easier way. 

You know that passion that first sparked your business into life?  It’ll come back brighter.

I’ll make sure of it.

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Jamie White life coach working with client

My Background

I come to this work with 16 years of entrepreneurial & wellness experience.

I’ve built up and sold four of my own businesses. I’ve also helped build several other start-ups.

I’ve experienced the ups and – just as important – the downs of being responsible for a business. 

At quite a young age, I was running an events business that hosted up to 30 events per week for up to 20,000 people and two online magazines that were getting over 1 million website visits weekly. 

I had a big office, a team of over 40 people.

I was one of Ireland’s most-watched young entrepreneurs, making a list of top “30 under 30” and winning Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur twice.

From the outside, I had it made. In reality. . . I had a business that became too big, too soon, and the vital details started falling through the cracks.

Looking back, I should have asked for help, but I just kept pushing harder and harder. . .

I ended up learning—the hard way—that working harder only works for so long.

One day, out of nowhere, the littlest of challenges will come along and throw you totally off course. Normally, you’re a relentless problem solver, but somehow this time is different. This time, your entire vision, passion, and motivation will escape you.

That awful mental place you arrive at? That’s the land of burnout.

. . .which is exactly where I found myself. I got really sick and had to do what no entrepreneur ever dreams of doing: close my business.

I was heartbroken.

However — I don’t regret any of it.

It became my chance to hit the restart button personally and professionally.

In the years following, I interviewed hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and mentors to figure out how they do what they do. I studied under some of the best coaches in the world – spiritual mentors, business mentors, and coaching mentors.

I questioned, learned, tested new ways to bring balance in my life, made changes, and learned some more.

Contrary to the ridiculous narrative society teaches us, I now know that triumphs in business don’t have to come at the expense of any part of your life: your health, your relationships, or yourself.

Now, I spend my time helping ambitious entrepreneurs just like you do the same thing I’ve been able to do: work less, profit more, and serve a greater impact from a place of calm, balance, and ease.

I’m passionate about this work and supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs. To this end, I’ve taught and guest lectured in the top schools in my country such as Trinity College Dublin, Dublin City University, Dublin Business School & The Digital Marketing Institute. 

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Jamie White Niomi Smart


What lights me up?

I love business. I genuinely enjoy figuring out how to make things work, bringing ideas to life, and seeing the impact that comes from this.

I love helping people break through blocks and realise their true potential. Life coaching and business mentoring enabled me to do this! Nothing brings me more joy than seeing people come to life.

I like to travel; Dublin is where I call home, but my work has taken me around the world. I’m currently living between Ireland & Bali together with my fiancé Niomi.

Finally, I’m a real wellness advocate. I believe professional success starts with personal success, so wellness is one of the things I prioritise most.

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