I'm Jamie White

Who is Jamie White

As a passionate student of human behaviour I’ve discovered it’s the fractional changes that contribute to either success or failure.

Making millions one year to having gangsters and debt collectors knock at my door the next taught me that no one quick trick will bring outstanding results. Grappling with severe burnout that left me hospitalised for weeks taught me the power of perseverance.

And what helped me build and sell numerous businesses, turn millions in revenue, partner with some of the biggest brands and reach tens of millions globally was aligning my business with my personality and harnessing the power of incremental gains.

My clients are gifted entrepreneurs who are out to change the world. They are powerful and successful — yet they too experience blocks, setbacks and uncertainty.

Through holistic and compassionate coaching I guide outstanding entrepreneurs through key changes to performance and mindset that radically accelerate achievement in alignment with your strongest personal values.

About Jamie White

When I put this philosophy into practice myself, I won in Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur two consecutive years and was listed as one of Ireland’s top 30 under 30 in business by the Irish Independent.

And by interviewing hundreds of entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists and peak performers on my podcast The University of Life, I’ve been able to explore how this philosophy has served and transformed the lives of other high-achievers.

I learned not just how I could have done things differently, more efficiently and successfully, but how others can too — with dramatic effect.

We all have a world within us, and part of my coaching process is to explore and unlock your unique personality traits to better align your actions with your outcomes. Using the principle of incremental gains, your successes and fulfillment will compound and expand.

If you’re interested in teaming up, reach out so we can learn more about each other and see if we’re a good match.

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