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An Exploration of Life Stories and Lessons

If someone was sharing all they could with their younger self, would they say?

On this podcast, I share these conversations and the lessons I’ve learnt from my journey into wellness & transformational growth.

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The University of Life Podcast

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People Pleasing with Jackson Mullane

On this episode of the University of Life, we hear the phrase all the time, but what exactly makes someone a people pleaser? This could be defined as someone with an emotional need to please others, often at the expense of his or her own needs/desires. People pleasing isn’t all bad though, as it reflects a caring nature and a deep value for social connection. Listen in as we explore living harmoniously with those we are in connection with.

Manifesting with
Kim Mellor

Kim is a Manifestation expert who helps people reconnect with their power and realize their desires. If you want to get to a point where your desired success is inevitable, I think you’ll really like this episode. Kim does a wonderful job of making Manifestation practical and accessible, which really comes through in our conversation.

Relationships with Leighann Amanda

Give a listen to my chat with relationship coach Leighann Amanda as we explore how our relationships not only with others, but particularly with ourselves impacts how we show up. We discuss self love and the tools we can use to treat ourselves better and progress forward on our individual journeys.

Learning with
Nicole Szoko

Nicole Szoko is someone that’s studied learning and the art of teaching. In this conversation together we explore the varying ways we learn and how to identify how we learn best. She talks about communication and how to share whatever it is that you might want to in the most efficient way.

Philosophy with Dylan Werner

Dylan is a world renowned yoga instructor, lecturer, author, and educator in health, well-being, and mindfulness. We talk about the limits of our being, how we can open up and expand our horizons of knowledge when life is not simply self centred but centred around the support of others.

Relationship by Design With Amanda Biccum

Raw, honest, vulnerable and educational. This conversation with Amanda Biccum is a deep dive into conscious relating and helping people build authentic bespoke relations for themselves versus how we feel we should. 

Life Coaching with
Kyle Mercer

Known for his heart, integrity, love and sense of humor, Kyle has over 25 years of experience as a life coach and in this conversation we explore what life coaching actually is and looks like, how to find the right coach for you and what the process looks like.

Authentic Living with Celinne Da Costa

Celinne is an expert in helping people break through unconscious conditioning and connect to their true authentic selves. From spiritual awakenings to deep inner child healing, in this conversation Celinne beautifully brings sense and clarity as she demystifies so much and makes it all accessible.

Mental Health with Emma O'Toole

The conversation centre’s around the early age triggers that led to Emma developing mental health issues, how anorexia soon followed, the various recovery programs that she found herself in and what she’s learned from it all.

The University of Life Podcast

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I like to travel; Dublin is where I call home, but my work has taken and allowed me to travel the world. I’m currently living between Ireland & Bali together with my fiancé Niomi.

I’m a real wellness advocate. I believe professional success starts with personal success, so wellness is one of the things I prioritise most.

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