I’m Jamie and I want to welcome you

I’m an entrepreneur, investor and holistic business coach.

I believe it’s the small daily changes that contribute to either massive success or preventable failure.

Once I learned how to harness the power of incremental gains I was able to build and sell numerous businesses, turn millions in revenue, partner with some of the biggest brands and reach tens of millions globally. But the best outcome I’ve found is what happened after I aligned my personality with my purpose.

Now I help entrepreneurs make key changes to performance and mindset that radically accelerate achievement.

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Coaching & Speaking

Discover the Power of Holistic Business Caoching

Are you conscious of what you’re actually capable of? Have you ever considered whats holding you back from even greater success? Most importantly, do you know how to harness your true potential and diminish the strength of your weaknesses? I offer bespoke coaching to entrepreneurs who want to invest in themselves and make authentic progress not just in business but in life as a whole.

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Jamie is passionate, personable, and has a commanding presence on stage. We’ve done good work together when I came to Ireland and I’m excited to work with him again in the future.

Ted Rubin, Speaker / Author / Provocateur

Jamie consulted with us and separately then spoke to over 1,000 of our staff at various events. His work brought us great value, he showed an ability to connect with novices and experts alike. Our team found him very knowledgeable, engaging and energising.

Gerry Hassett, CEO of Irish Life Ireland

I worked together with Jamie on some projects in Ireland. A huge shout out to Ireland and Jamie. The work far exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to come back.

Gary Vaynerchuk, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, and Internet Personality

Jamie has been a fantastic support to me across personal and professional challenges. He’s an expert consultant and one that I would highly recommend.

Pat Falvey, Author, Explorer & Entrepreneur

Jamie is a hell of a businessman, he’s got a lot of integrity, he has great acumen business wise and I am 100% behind him. We’ve done great things together and hopefully will again soon.

Jordan Belfort, The Real Life Wolf of Wall Street

It is a pleasure and privilege to have Jamie in your corner when it comes to team building and development, his fresh perspective always enhances others’ experience and ensures teams leave feeling focused and inspired.

Richard Corbridge, CEO of the HSE Ireland

After working with Jamie for a few months, I ended up making more money in one month than I did in a year. Jamie White taught me how to run my business in a slow, consistent, efficient manner. He will help you change your life without having to burn out in process.

Jenny Keane, Tantric Yoga Teacher & Holistic Sex Educator
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Join My Business Network Entrepreneurs Anonymous

Do you ever feel like you’re on your own in this entrepreneurial journey? Do you struggle to find people you can connect with and learn from that truly understand what you’re going through? I certainly did and that’s why I created Entrepreneurs Anonymous. To meet and connect in with other like minded entrepreneurs, to brainstorm and problem solve together so that instead of learning every mistake through experience, I could learn from others and speed up my entrepreneurial journey.

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