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Right now you might be feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unsure of what to do next.

But we’re about to uncover the clarity and direction that’ll spur your growth and create a beautiful balance between your personal and professional life…
and that’s exciting.

It’s been a wild ride, but when you’re an entrepreneur, when is it not?

I became an entrepreneur when I was 16. I’ve built up and sold three of my own businesses. I’ve helped build several start-ups. It’s been a glorious mixed bag of failed and nailed.

I have the real life experience – the took-the-leap, trust-your-gut, not-going-back-now experience that makes up the joys and nightmares of the entrepreneurial journey.

One of the most important things I’ve learned? Entrepreneurship should never be a lonely road for one. We all need a supporting hand to guide us along the path from time to time.

And that’s what I’m here to do for you. To be your sounding board. Your companion on the otherwise deserted road. Your guide when you can’t see the way ahead.

Because trust me, you’re headed somewhere great.

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Most business coaches are all too eager to jump in with insight about how you should run your business – and they have no experience running a business of their own.

Most business coaches follow a rigid, masculine by nature, linear approach to coaching. Hit an obstacle. Okay, work harder… Until you hit the next obstacle. So you work even harder. Until you find you’re working twice as hard and all you’ve achieved is burnout.

That’s not what we’re doing here.

When you work with me, we take a holistic approach. I guide you to pause, breathe, look and learn. We’ll examine the obstacle so you can grow beyond it and move on.

We’re after a steady pace. Ease, fun, growth, enjoyment. A beautiful balance between your professional and personal life.

Let's work together

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The University of Life & Eva Oh

Ep 58

Eva Oh is an international dominatrix and the creator of You Will Please Me, an online BDSM training academy. She is also aa global ambassador for BDSM and sex work. In this conversation together we explore her world, her journey to where she is and the lessons she's learned along the way.

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The University of Life & Shaft Uddin
The University of Life & Shaft Uddin

Ep 57

Shaft is a Self Love Coach and Tantric Practitioner who specialises in Yoni massage & conscious sex parties.... as you do. We talk about purpose, finding out paths in life and the ups and the downs along the way. Working through negative self talk, sexual trauma, sexuality, self love and the meaning of life.

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The University of Life & Alan Flanagan
The University of Life & Alan Flanagan

Ep 56

When it comes to evidence-based nutrition analysis and dissemination of data, Alan Flanagan is one of the best around. We talk about the different countries response to covid, vaccines, anti vaxers and vaccination hesitancy.

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