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Let’s turn your ambitions into reality

More results don’t have to mean more work.

I help entrepreneurs drive growth and create a beautiful balance between personal and professional life that will bring ambitions to life with greater ease, impact and profitability.

I’ll help you unlock your potential, and reveal the clarity and direction you need with a specialised style of guidance, mentoring and support – one that leads to a healthier business and a happier you.

Jamie White, Business Mentoring


Hi, I'm Jamie. I come to this vocation with 16 years of entrepreneurial & wellness experience.

I’ve built up and sold four of my own businesses. I’ve also helped several other start-ups grow into the thriving businesses they are today. It’s been a wild ride, but when you’re an entrepreneur, when is it not?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned during my journey is that entrepreneurship should never be a lonely road for one. We all need a supporting hand to guide us along that unpredictable path from time to time.

And that’s what I’m here to do for you. To be there for you and mentor you through the process, to be totally focused on your success and achievement through the ever-evolving road.

And trust me, we’re headed somewhere great.

Client Feedback

Don’t just take my word for it.
Here's what my clients have to share about our work together.

Jenny Gleeson support and mentoring testimonial of Jamie White
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“I laid everything on the line and from the get go we clicked. He gets me, he takes everything into account, inspires me always, he’s been incredibly supportive, I always feel like he has my back, he’s always on the end of the phone, I can’t say enough good things.”

Jennifer Gleeson

Business coaching testimonial of Jamie White from client
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“Owning your own business and having ambitions for it is really exciting but it can be a lonely place to be too. Jamie has a lot of experience and expertise and having someone like him on your team is only going to get you to realise your potential and ambitions quicker.”

Elizabeth Morrissey

Jamie White testimonials life coach
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“This month has been one of my biggest months for income, and that’s still having my family time, my self-care, and still having those boundaries up with my clients, but serving them at the highest level possible. The only word I can use for it is transformational.”

Sharon Ledwith

Amazing podcast with Jamie White
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“We clicked with Jamie, he understood our goals immediately and we really appreciated his gently challenging style.  We feel like there is a weight lifted off our shoulders and we have so much more focus and clarity around our positioning, our niche and our offering. It’s been absolutely fantastic.”

Frank Prendergast & Marci Cornett

review from mentoring program with Jamie
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“Jamie is the reason why my business has been able to expand and why I’ve been able to hone in my processes and really become more confident as an entrepreneur and coach. Jamie is able to cultivate this environment for you to be able to deep dive into this and translate it into your business.”

Nicole Szoko

happy client after working and speaking with Jamie
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“My experience was amazing. I can’t explain the difference he’s made. I personally loved his passion and fire to help people, his ability to listen was amazing. If you’re looking for a coach with the desire and heart to help people, Jamie is definitely the one.”

Justin Vaidyan

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The University of Life

The University of Life podcast has become my personal collection of fascinating learnings from the people I meet and experiences I have as I explore life and journey deeper in to the space of business mentoring & life coaching.

People Pleasing with Jackson Mullane

We hear the phrase all the time, but what exactly makes someone a people pleaser? 

Listen in as Jackson Mullane and I explore this subject, what is a people pleaser, is it a good or bad thing and what does it looks like to live more harmoniously with those we are in connection with. 

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If you want to get to a point where your desired success is inevitable, Kim wonderfully shares into the subject of Manifestation and how to explore the space in an accessible, practical fashion.

Relationships with Leighann Amanda

Leighann Amanda is a Life Coach and expert in the area of relationships. 

In this conversation we explore how our relationships not only with others, but particularly with ourselves impact how we show up in the world. We discuss self love and the tools we can use to treat ourselves better and improve our relationships.

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