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Are you an entrepreneur….?

Whatever your work is, if the responsibility of what you earn lies firmly on your shoulders, you are an entrepreneur and if you are here, this is most likely you.

I’m Jamie White

I’m a Business Coach, Consultant & Entrepreneur currently based in Europe.

The work I do is a particular type of business coaching customised and tailored to you, totally focused on your success and achievement through whatever may be in your way.

I come to this work with a background of 16 years entrepreneurial experience. I’ve built and sold my own businesses, won in Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur twice and had a hell of a career to date full of ups and downs thats brought a mass of learnings in all sorts of areas that I share with my clients.

My work is personal, I work 1:1 and its for those that want to create a powerful shift in their lives that will have an everlasting impact.


What You Could Do With The Right Support & Guidance Behind You.

What you’re actually capable of.

What you could achieve if you were primed and at your best with nothing holding you back.

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