Business Innovation

business innovation

Today, I want to talk about business innovation.


What is Business Innovation?

It’s one of those terms that you hear everywhere. And it’s a bit of a buzzword at times.

Very simply, business innovation is the art of introducing new ideas; new ways of doing things. Perhaps new products, new services.

So many people overcomplicate this.

They might Google the hell out of it. Or find themselves reading books upon books upon innovation can mean new products or services to offer; image of man selling banana bread from his van

It’s actually very simple if you boil it down;

if you’re looking for new ideas, new ways of doing things, perhaps new services to offer or products to develop.


Look Around

Those closest to you will actually give you the best advice, provided you allow them.

And that’s a key thing.

image of a woman at work - entrepreneurship

Because most of the time when we ask people for advice, they have to make a mental note;

“Do I actually give this person actual, honest advice here? Or do I tell them what I know they want to hear?”


Ask Questions

So, perhaps if you open up the those closest to you and say;

“I’d really appreciate your advice on this. Your honest advice. No bullshit. Is there any way I can perhaps do things better? Is there any new product, or new service I could offer?

Is there a better way I could do things?”people you know the most will help you in business - group of friends laughing

So, who do you go to?

Those closest to you.

If you’re discussing innovation, you’re thinking of your business. So ask your employees, your colleagues, your advisors.

image of woman at work at a table with people around her - taking notes from feedback for business innovation

 The people you work with are going to be really, really valuable provided you give an open forum – some might be a little apprehensive.


The People You Live With

Whether this is your family or not, those you live with are seeing you day in day out.

They’re going to see how you work and how you approach your day over time.couple sitting at home - ideas who to ask for about business innovation


Your Family

People who know your product and you so well can really provide insight into things sometimes.

Perhaps they can be really innovative as regards your approach to business and your approach to yourself in business.

image of a family: mother, father and two children walking on footpath; your family can be one of the best people to ask Or even small things such as packaging – something as small as that.


Your Customers

Your customers are the best people to tell you what they would like more of. Or where you could improve.

Anyone who has a relationship with you or your business could potentially have insight. business owner in a cafe with customers

There’s a little bit of vulnerability involved in doing that. In opening yourself up to whatever people might say. But the value you get from it will dramatically outweigh perhaps whatever embarrassment you might have to suffer, or uncomfortable things you might have to hear.

And that’s something I speak about a lot here –  in the power of vulnerability. I think it helps build stronger and more authentic connections both in life and as a holistic business coach.

Business innovation when you break it down it is so, so simple.

I hope you lean into those around you, you open yourself up to whatever recommendations they give you and you business.

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Jamie is passionate, personable, and has a commanding presence on stage. We’ve done good work together when I came to Ireland and I’m excited to work with him again in the future.

Ted Rubin, Speaker / Author / Provocateur

Jamie is a hell of a businessman, he’s got a lot of integrity, he has great acumen business wise and I am 100% behind him. We’ve done great things together and hopefully will again soon.

Jordan Belfort, The Real Life Wolf of Wall Street

Jamie has been a fantastic support to me across personal and professional challenges. He’s an expert consultant and one that I would highly recommend.

Pat Falvey, Author, Explorer & Entrepreneur

I worked together with Jamie on some projects in Ireland. A huge shout out to Ireland and Jamie. The work far exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to come back.

Gary Vaynerchuk, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, and Internet Personality

After working with Jamie for a few months, I ended up making more money in one month than I did in a year. Jamie White taught me how to run my business in a slow, consistent, efficient manner. He will help you change your life without having to burn out in process.

Jenny Keane, Tantric Yoga Teacher & Holistic Sex Educator

It is a pleasure and privilege to have Jamie in your corner when it comes to team building and development, his fresh perspective always enhances others’ experience and ensures teams leave feeling focused and inspired.

Richard Corbridge, CEO of the HSE Ireland

Jamie consulted with us and separately then spoke to over 1,000 of our staff at various events. His work brought us great value, he showed an ability to connect with novices and experts alike. Our team found him very knowledgeable, engaging and energising.

Gerry Hassett, CEO of Irish Life Ireland

I really hope you enjoyed this blog.

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