Oh what a pleasure it is to share this conversation with you that I had together with Dylan Werner.

Dylan Werner is a world renowned yoga instructor, lecturer, author, and educator in health, well-being, and mindfulness. If you’re in to your yoga poses, check this mans account out. What he can do would bend your understandings of what the human body is possible of. Check out his instagram. See: https://www.instagram.com/dylanwerneryoga/

We’ve become good friends here in Bali which is an interesting journey with Dylan. His way of conversing is really different. He likes to play a devils advocate at times and challenge you just for the fun of it, he calls you up on your bullshit and we go deep. Very deep.

With that, I wanted to share a conversation together on this podcast. I had no idea what would come up or what we’d talk about. We just agreed upfront that we wouldn’t cover the usual points that he finds himself talking into, his yoga journey, thoughts on the industry etc.

We talk about teaching strategies, how to open a room, the power of silence and how to bring everyones energy together. We talk about things that others might not know about him, like his love of mobile video games. and then things really flow.

We talk about the limits of our being and how we can open up and expand our horizons of knowledge when life is not simply self centred but centred around the support of others.

We talk about energy, how it flows and forgiveness.

I’ve found myself listening back over this conversation again and again since recording. Theres beautiful points throughout and depth that really challenges fundamental ideas.

Just take my word for it and have a listen, listen through and enjoy. Let me know your feedback.

Big thank you to you Dylan for making the time and sharing yourself.

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