Raw, honest, vulnerable and educational. This conversation with Amanda Biccum is something else.

Amanda works in the relationship space, helping people build authentic bespoke relations for themselves versus how most of us do things, which is simply how we think we should.

In this conversation together she beautifully breaks down the different states of relating, from casual friends with benefits, to being lovers, in a relationship and partners.

She shares her way of relating and conversing on a first dates that really helps build safety, security and freedom to move forward in a way that’s right for you vs how everyone else is doing things.

This is all essentially about conscious relating and there is so much within it, not just for those looking to get into a relationship but also for those in a relationship and looking to connect in a different or deeper fashion.

These skills aren’t just usable in the intimate relationship space, they’re also applicable in all other areas of relating, so familial, social and professional. There’s a lot in this and I really hope it brings you value.

Enjoy and do let me know your thoughts and feedback if anything comes to you.

To connect with Amanda, follow her on instagram via: https://www.instagram.com/madambiccum/