Do you ever wonder how couples end up having threesomes, is it something you’ve ever wanted to try yourself?

Meet Julia Wild & Rikki Carman, they’re the hosts of the podcast “How To Have Threesomes” and they’ve built up quite the business for themselves in this space, guiding and teaching couples ” how to have threesomes”.

There’s a lot to it in fact and in this podcast we explore this space with them, their guides for couples interested in the space and how they got in to this area themselves.

We discuss what needs to be considered, boundaries, the issues that can arise and their tips for navigating and enjoying the space.

Both come from incredible backgrounds, Julia literally ran away from home aged 16 to join the circus and Rikki is one of the lead men in world renowned Cirque du Soleil.

A new space to cover and one that I really hope you’ll enjoy.  Please let me know your feedback either via instagram or my site and if you want to connect in with them from here, you can find them as follows:

-How to Have Threesomes Podcast :