Meet Mac Rundle, a DNA, hormonal and functional medicine expert.

Mac is the founder of Unrivalled Being, a company that utilises DNA testing and Functional Medicine  to help increase Health, Vitality & Longevity.  To date he’s worked with over 11,000 people.

The DNA tests that Mac does essentially take the guess work out of knowing what works for you vs what doesn’t. They’re a game changer and with these test results his business then helps people build a diet and lifestyle optimised to compliment  you hormones and DNA.

As someone thats spent years trialing and make sometimes messy mistakes trying to learn what works for me and doesn’t I find myself fascinated with this work.

In this conversation we deep dive in to this often times overly complicated world. Mac has a beautiful way of breaking down points, simplifying the space and making it accessible to anyone. If you’re interested in the world of diet, nutrition and health optimisation this conversation is a must listen to.

Enjoy and let me know your feedback either via instagram or my site. If you want to connect in with him from here, you can find him via: