At 16 Sean Treacy is Ireland’s young filmmaker of the year for two years running and internationally recognised as one of the most exciting talents emerging in this world.

We talked all about youtube and the content creation space, what works, what doesn’t and his tips for success on the platform. This advice centred on creating from an authentic heartfelt space with real purpose and depth.

We traced his roots to find the inspiration that set him on his course and filled him with such interest and purpose. I have to say, sitting i front of him that it was impossible not to envy and admire his passion for what he does and the energy that’s radiating out of him. It’s beautiful and truly inspiring.

Maybe we forget what this passion and purpose actually looks and feels like, but when it’s sitting bang in front of you it’s a real wake up call, I walked away from our chat together shook if I’m honest. Shook and inspired to go deeper.

I really hope you enjoy this, please do let me know your feedback either via instagram or my site and if you want to connect in with him from here, you can find him via: