The University of Life & Siobhan O’Hagan

Siobhan O’Hagan is an online personal trainer who has built up an incredible following for herself on social media. She’s strong, confident, smart as hell and living the life she dreamed up and focused her goals on only a few short years ago.

In this chat together we talked all about her world and how she got there, there’s some really interesting points in this. She talked about the space she’s in now, how she manages her confidence and stays grounded. She even shares her book and podcast recommendations.

We also talked about how she’s built up her following and how she connects and engages with her audience, there is so much in this for anyone following in her footsteps or indeed any business owner on social media and public communications.

I took a lot from this conversation and I really hope you get value from it too. I think very highly of Siobhan and so I’m delighted to introduce her to you and share her world, insight and expertise. Please do let me know your feedback either via instagram or my site.

If you want to connect in with her from here, you can find her via:

I really hope you enjoyed this podcast.

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