The Power of Mindfulness: Techniques for a Calm and Focused Mind

Person practicing mindfulness in sunset

Do you so often find yourself burning the candle at both ends trying to start up and grow your business? You might be pushing on regardless, sleep-deprived and your mind racing, thinking: “If I work tirelessly now, I’ll reap the rewards later, right?” And while it’s true that hard work does pay off, you also […]

How to Do Less to Achieve More as an Entrepreneur

woman reclining on chair and thinking, representing growth mindset

As an entrepreneur, do you ever find yourself wishing things could be easier? Business owners so often find themselves constantly chasing an ever-expanding to-do list of tasks. It’s no big secret that so many people like you can easily find themselves working 50+ hours a week just to stay on top of things.  And pretty […]

How to Overcome Your Imposter Syndrome and Build Your Self-Confidence

man jumping into the air - symbolising overcoming imposter syndrome

Have you ever gone for a big opportunity only to find yourself caught like a deer in headlights, questioning whether you’re really good enough? Have you ever succeeded in chasing your ambitions only to start panicking that you’ll somehow get ‘found out’ for being some kind of fraud? Even if it feels like it right […]