5 Pillars To Building A Strong Coaching Brand

Hands touching - embracing business challenges

Building a strong coaching brand takes time. And most importantly, quality time.

It’s no good spending 20 hours in the office working at 50% when you could have gone home, recharged, given yourself permission to relax, and return to the office at 100%. 

So when you’re pursuing your brand, I urge you (as a holistic coach) to do so mindfully. Especially in these crazy times!

So how do we do that?

What are the pillars of building a brand as a coach?


1. Choose Your Niche

Being an expert in something specific is often a smart business move. If you’re sought after because you know the most about something – you become highly desirable and connections get made quickly. 

Identify what it is specifically you can offer people makes it easier for you to market, hone your message, and build a powerful brand as an individual or a coach.

It allows you a framework to take from when looking for ideas in how to build your brand, what products or services you can offer, and what people are looking for. What do your clients need? Sit down with them and discuss – do a poll, a competition. Share what you have to offer people. 

Doing that is easier if you narrow your offerings down. Know who you are – what you are offering people, and what your mission is.

This is something that is of the highest value in my experience. I always compel people not to waste their time on a million different gigs. Rather, spend quality time and thought-out decision-making on fewer, more valuable things.


2. Work Holistically

As a holistic business coach, I mentor people in how to become the best version of themselves not just in business but in life overall. And that process didn’t just happen overnight. It took me a while to get here and even realise that I wanted to give back, rather than just work in the industry.

And what’s allowed me to be successful in what I do, is that I’ve identified who I serve best in my position.

What my experience has taught me, what value and knowledge I have to impart and guide people, allows me to be in a very good position to help others through a similar path to the one I’ve been on. 

I know who I serve. And I’d urge you to think about who you best serve.

Who do you benefit when you are working in a holistic way?

Who do we serve? 

Who benefits most from my position here, and what can I offer?

That’s the essence. 


3. The Right Marketing

Having the best brand in the world can mean nothing if you’re not marketing right.

And if you’re in the world of coaching – a lot of that is online. 

As I’ll talk about in upcoming posts – digital marketing as a coach is ripe with opportunities online, particularly social media. 

Things like Instagram and even TikTok are a new space for people like mentors, teachers, therapists and holistic guides are producing really engaging digital content. So there are lots of new avenues to keep in mind. even if it’s just a blog – it doesn’t have to be any of the newer stuff. If your brand is simple – keep it simple. if you’re a writer – write. If you want to make content and put yourself out there – do.


4. Structure Yourself

This is key, for me. 

I’ve talked before about how much I love a to-do list and the benefits of having one. 

It’s immense. 

Dump everything you know you have to do and what is worrying you into words so you can relax, knowing it’s off your mind, and you can forget about it for the moment, and return to it when you need to.

Also, there is a great opportunity, with me also, to create courses as a coach. 

If you’re a yoga teacher, trainer, guide or anything like it, very often, the work you do lends itself very well to structured courses.

They can be live courses and classes or structured as a one-off payment people can go through themselves. But it’s a good opportunity, too, for you as a coach to structure your message and or technical skill in a digestible and thought-out formula.

Also, structure your digital marketing plan.

Whatever suits you. 3 months, 6 months, 1 month. A week. Schedule content because you don’t want to be feeling like you’re on the clock 24 hours a day.


5. Brand Consistency

I’ve mentioned this before but I’m putting it here again to reinforce it. 

Be consistent. 

In your design, your content, your scheduling, your brand and logo etc. Even colour schemes that go well together or in line with your logo. Keep it tied to you, and your brand as a coach.

So those are my 5 Pillars To Building A Powerful Coaching Brand. Have I missed anything? Did anything resonate with you? Let me know.