Top 5 Mistakes Coaches Make On Social Media

There are lots of mistakes coaches make on social media. And I’ve seen a lot of them. 

Branding isn’t something that needs to be complicated with lots of different things going on.

Branding can be simple. And one way to keep it simple is to keep it social. 

There’s great opportunity with social media to grow your personal brand as a coach.

Conveying your message online or structuring it are all things I can help you with. I specialise in working with those who are heart centred entrepreneurs. 

I’ve helped many people over the years in my career as an entrepreneur, and I’ve noticed some really obvious mistakes time and time again. 

So I’ve made a short list of the top 5 mistakes in branding as a coach;


1. Being too vague

This means, as I’ve said before, not knowing who your niche is.

If you want to work holistically, you want to align with your values and know who it is you best serve, and move forward from that place. 

Once you know who it is you can provide a service to, this means you have something to take from in creating things like courses, events, branding, reaching out to people and creating a mailing list. 


2. Not Being Different

Don’t be like everyone else. 

The aim is not to fit in, or blend in to the background. Hone in to what makes your different and how what you can offer sets you apart from others.

If we want to work with alignment to our values, which I believe is so important as an entrepreneur, 

What’s different about you?


3. Content Inconsistency 

This is on of those mistakes coaches make on social media that’s about structure, as I talk about.

It’s really annoying as a follower or potential client who enjoys your content. Sporadic posting isn’t what people want. People like consistency and quality. 

Whatever you do, be consistent. Research shows brand consistency boosts your bottom line by up to 33%.

Sit down with a specialist (or me) and decide what angle you want to come from, what topics your want to cover, and in what medium – and get to work. 

Make a plan.

Which leads me to my next point;


4. Overall Structure and Wellness 

I speak a lot about working holistically. I believe it’s important that when we approach work we do so consciously, and are taking care of ourselves in our other areas of life, too. In my experience, if we’re not showing up in our personal life, we’re going to struggle to do so in our professional life.

Routine is key in this I think. 

Even if it is down to your social media plan or digital marketing approach. Once we hit some consistency both with ourselves and our clients, things begin to flow much more smoothly. 

I’m a big believer in momentum.

So once you kick start it, try and settle into it. It can feel a little weird at first. 

I think a lot of us are afraid to succeed. Not knowing how we’ll handle it if it happens, so it’s a good thing to focus on; momentum. It’s a path to success if we learn to hone our focus.


5. Impatience 

You can’t build a powerful brand on social media as a coach overnight. Trust me. I’ve seen people try. 

You can’t throw money at a business and expect it to jump from the ground fully flourished. 

Businesses are like plants. They take time and (as mentioned before) and patience, to grow. Consistency in feeding it. Not huge gulps at a time then barren for months. 

Keep feeding it slowly and be patient as it grows steadily. 

Business is one where I advise you to stick to the statistics and don’t be too adventurous when you’re starting out. 

There are always exceptions to the rule, but the advice I give, I stick to the rules. That way – if you want to break them you can!

Let me know if anything I talk about speaks to you. I’m always full of ideas and open to collaborations and feedback. 

Shoot me a mail.