5 Tips for a Great LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn profile

I wanted to share a few tips for using LinkedIn because there’s such a massive opportunity on there. And so many people aren’t realising it. And as a result, so many people don’t know how to capitalise on the opportunity that is there.

There are many different approaches for what works best for you online – depending on who you ask. But if you ask me? Here are my top 5 for a great LinkedIn profile:

image of apps on a smartphone - one of linkedin


1. Change Your Approach

So many people sterilise themselves when it comes to LinkedIn.

They put their profile picture to something simple like black and white and are afraid to show off any personality. I’d argue that this isn’t the best way to use that platform. I would say use your LinkedIn profile the way you use Facebook.

two women sitting down and laughing on a bench - showing personality online and on your LinkedIn profile

Put yourself out there. Show off your character. Show your personality.

As I always say, people work with people.

So who are you?


2. Profile Photo

I think it’s so funny the way people are so conscious of how they present themselves in the real world. How they look, the clothes they’re wearing, everything.

They don’t realise that people see them so much more digitally than they do physically.picture of a man looking happy, charismatic and with character for a profile photo, rather than sterilised for LinkedIn

Think about it…how many times will people see you in the flesh today? But how many times will people see you on social media today?

It’s a big difference.

So with that, take real-time, attention, and care with how you’re presenting yourself. Get a good headshot that compliments you and use that.


3. Bio 

After your headshot, this is the first thing people look at.

So if it’s confusing, you’re only making it harder for people to understand what you do.woman with cup of tea, writing down something - writing your bio for LinkedIn

If it’s simple, to the point and straightforward, that will help people connect, engage and actually help you.

So think…how can you summarise what it is that you do, or the value you can bring in a simple one-liner?

Think about it.

Nail it down. And get it out there.


4. Content

You have to put yourself out there in some way, shape or form. And do it regularly.picture of a laptop with engaging content on it to put on your linkedin, pink hue

Once a week even is enough.

And if you do this consistently (that is the key part – consistently), you’ll be amazed at the impression it gives and the benefit it brings.

When you’re thinking about content, the simple thing is, think about the value you’re giving to whoever it is that watches that piece of content.

So just like I am sharing these (hopefully) valuable tips so you can build yourself a great LinkedIn profile – you watching this will hopefully get that value from it.photographs in a smartphone, person sitting in front of a laptop

It’s the exact same when you publish a piece of content.

Don’t just randomly upload any old content that’s not relevant to you professionally, like taking a picture of your food or something…actually think about the content that you want to put out there, and create it in accordance to the value it will bring.

And hopefully, that value is in line with wherever it is that you ultimately want your career to go.


5. Networking 

LinkedIn is such an amazing platform to network with people.

You can search up people by their job title, field, or individuals themselves if you’ve heard about them. And can connect with them almost instantaneously.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and say “hey, I heard you speak recently,” or “I read about you in the paper. I’ve seen what you’re doing and I’d really like to follow your journey.”

It’s not weird or odd. It’s perfectly acceptable.

It’s networking.

 And when you connect with somebody – as you publish content, that’s will come up on their news feed, as well. So that will build a relationship and an awareness between you and whoever it is you are looking to build connections with.

You stay present in their mind when they see your content a lot and when they need something that is in your line of expertise? They’re far more likely to think of you.

image of a handshake in business

These are just a sprinkling of tips for you guys to get you started. There are so many more out there and endless ways of showing yourself off. But applying even just a few, I promise that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the benefit it will bring you and your career online.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out!