How Experienced Mentors Can Propel Your Startup

Benefit of experienced mentors

How can mentors help you achieve entrepreneurial success? I’ve been asked about the benefits of mentors quite a few times recently by clients, so I think it makes sense to talk about it a little more here so you can benefit, too. Because this is what this blog is all about: sharing little bits of value that can hopefully complement your entrepreneurial journey.

As someone who’s had so much value from mentors, I now swear by it – and I’d love for you to come away from this today feeling just as energised as I am by the prospect of seeking out advice from someone who’s been there, done that and been incredibly successful with it.

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What are Mentors?

Whether you’re starting a new business or seeking to grow an existing one, the entrepreneurial road ahead is paved with so many challenges and uncertainties. And these can be so hard to navigate alone, which is why having a mentor by your side can make all the difference.

So, first thing’s first, what is a mentor? In its simplest terms, a mentor is someone who’s walked the path you’re aspiring to tread. They’ve already reached the level of success that you’re envisioning for yourself and can provide you with the guidance you need to do the same.

After all, not everything can be learned from piles of textbooks or hours in the classroom. Some of the most innovative ideas and biggest success stories have come from learning from someone who can share their unique expertise and experience.

A mentor has faced the challenges, overcome the obstacles, and achieved success in their respective fields. By really harnessing the wisdom and insights of an experienced mentor, you can fast-track your journey to success so much more effectively than you can by struggling alone.

The media critic John Crosby puts this beautifully when he says, “Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”

The benefits of mentorship for entrepreneurs

The Benefits of Mentorship for Entrepreneurs

So what are the benefits of seeking out a mentor? 

Here’s a pretty impressive stat to prove the positive impact: 92% of respondents agreed that mentors have a significant impact on the success of their businesses (Harvard Business Review). From providing strategic guidance to offering emotional support, mentors can play such an amazing and multifaceted role in your entrepreneurial journey.

Here I’d really love to share with you my own personal experience of getting benefit from mentors in my own journey. And it’s such a simple way to do it that you can do the same with minimal effort, too; I still do it to this day.

I’ve always seen the value of seeking out people who were where I wanted to be. And a fantastic resource for me wasn’t anything exclusive or hard to access –  it was actually YouTube! Whether it’s my coaching journey, spirituality, diet, gym routines, public speaking or presentations, I’ve always been able to find a wealth of experts to reach out to just by typing out my search term into YouTube and seeing what shows up.

Let’s take my life coaching journey, for example. When I was getting into life coaching, I dug into content on YouTube and I found a number of coaches that really stood out to me in their uniqueness, their character and the way in which they coached. And do you know what? 

Listening to their content truly lit me up. And it was so important for me to let them know.

So when I found them, I sent them a message, either via their contact details on YouTube or by finding their website. And I’d send them a simple message; for example:  “I saw your video and here’s the part that really stood out to me. And do you know what? I’m following in really similar footsteps. I’m pursuing this path myself and I find myself really inspired by what you’re up to. I’m wondering if you might be available for an hour to share some of your stories with me and answer some of the questions I’m faced with right now? I know you’ve been here, you’ve done that and you’ve done it so well. Chances are you’d have the answers to my questions and you’d be able to really help me for where I’m at.”

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Investing in Your Growth: The Mentorship Exchange

To my surprise (and of course, delight), so many of these mentors were willing to share their time and insights, either through complimentary consultations or paid sessions. I’m always amazed by how friendly and kind people are when you reach out to them. People often are so appreciative of being recognised for the great work that they do.

When it comes to the paid sessions, I knew that if in an hour of someone’s time I could answer so many questions to help me overcome my blocks then that was confirmation of its value. Whatever I invested financially never failed to come back tenfold, so I would encourage you as you’re reading this to ask yourself: “If I could overcome these blocks right now and had the answers to whatever challenges I’m faced with right now, how much would that be worth to me?” 

Chances are, it’ll be worth hell of a lot more to you than you need to pay them for their time. 

And the benefits of mentorship extend far beyond just guidance. Mentors also serve as these incredible catalysts for personal and professional growth, offering invaluable advice, constructive feedback, and unwavering support along the way.

On the Entrepreneurial Journey, Dare to Dream Big

This journey for me in terms of working with mentors has been such a positive one and this  is why I’m so keen to share it with you now. It’s something that comes up so often in my coaching calls and I know that there are so many people like you who can gain so much from reaching out to people who inspire you. Over the years, I’ve helped my clients engage with the right mentors for various areas of their lives. 

And the results speak for themselves: some say they’ve had almost instantaneous breakthroughs. And that’s pretty amazing.

So for whatever you’re struggling with right now, I’d encourage you to venture onto YouTube and seek out somebody who has been in your shoes, overcome those barriers and achieved the same success you’re envisioning. Find someone who truly inspires and motivates you. 

Don’t be afraid to reach out to them. People love to know that the good work they’re doing is inspiring others. 

If they’re happy to give you their time, then brilliant! Come to them with your burning questions and your appreciation. Think about the value you’ll get from just an hour of their time.

Be as proactive as you can with this.

I’d love to hear how you’re getting on with this, so please drop me a message over on my Instagram to let me know what’s working for you. The more we share our success stories, then the more we can inspire others.

And if you’ve enjoyed my content so far and think I could be the right person to support you, then I’d be absolutely delighted to do so. Get in touch and I’d love to hear more about your ambitions, and what we can do together to get you there.

Remember, as you navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship, you never have to go it alone. As the international speaker J Loren Norris once said: “If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.”

Dare to dream big, embrace the guidance of experienced mentors, and watch as your business soars to new heights.