How To Generate Leads as a Freelancer

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There are so many freelancers out there who are really talented but just aren’t getting the work that they should be. And looking at how to generate leads as a freelancer, can seem like something much harder than it actually is.

Everything takes time and investment to build. And the thing I’ve learned is that if you want work in a certain space – you need to play and show yourself off in that space.

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For Example…

Say you’re a videographer, photographer, graphic designer – any kind of creative – and you want to work with a certain brand, say the “best 5 hotels in Dublin.”

You’re going to be waiting a long time for them to knock on your door – as everybody is going to be knocking on theirs. So, the best way to do it – is to reach out to them.


Already Work For Them

What I’d recommend is; act like you’re already employed by them.

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E.g; if you’re a photographer – go into the business and take some photographs to showcase your work and potential talent you can provide if they work with you.

Tag them in photographs on your social media. This is a good tactic especially if your work is visual – they’ll quickly take notice of you if you’re doing a good job.


Get Hired

If they’ve seen the value you can deliver to them – you’re in a much better position to charge the rates you want and get the opportunity you want. It goes without saying that that’s the same from a graphic design, video, or any creative career.

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There are so many creatives that are sitting at home, waiting for work to come to them.


Take Action

So, if you get up off your arse and start doing the very work that you’re looking to be employed for.

You’re not being paid or commissioned to do it. You’re just doing it yourself.

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Because you enjoy it, and you want to show off how good you are. Because it will get you work.


Stay Skilled

When you’re not working, you’re also not getting a chance to refine and develop your skillset.

image of storyboard on paper - in discussing searching for jobs, staying practiced in your trade is important

Keeping busy with small projects like this means not only will you build a portfolio of constant work, you will also have the opportunity to keep your skills primed and devloping, too.

When you get to a certain point, this commitment will highlight you – provided you’re marketing right  – and you’ll get noticed.


“Here’s Some Work I Did”

Sending on people work you’ve already done for them is an easy way to market yourself as a freelancer.

Giving them a taste of what you can do for them.

picture of business person typic on laptopI think going out on a limb like this is great – I admire people for it and I want to work with people like that. I think it’s admirable.

I’m much more inclined to do business with the person that reaches out, than go out into the market and search for someone. So get in people’s brains by getting in touch first.


Make it Easy

As an employer – if I have a job that needs to be filled – it is such a pain to go out and look for a person to fill a role.

So if somebody has already been in contact with me and I like what I see – even if I might not have something straight away, when it comes up at a later stage, I’ll bear them in mind.

It’s great to see someone’s work before you hire them anyway, especially in the creative field, so when it’s tailored to you – it’s all the better. There’s no anxiety about what the outcome will be.close up of laptop

Send out little emails like this every week, even a few, and see how it goes for you and let me know.

So, if you are a freelancer with some idle time – as a lot of us have right now, I urge you to use it.

It’s so important that you do. Not just to generate leads but to keep our skillset primed and developing.

If you do that, and you do it right – you’ll very soon be busy.


So I hope this brings you value. And if you’re in this space and you’ve employed this or any other tactics that have worked well, let me know, I’d love to share them.