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They focus first on being discovered. The two leading platforms for this right now are YouTube & Instagram. People get discovered on Instagram, via others sharing your posts, and on google & youtube via people searching topics you’ve posted videos on. 

So with this in mind, your content on these platforms should be warm & welcoming as people are discovering you, problem solving as you want people to value and share it, and not long or overly deep as people are only getting to know you and so you don’t want to overwhelm them. 

Once you’ve nailed your content and have people following and sharing your posts, you want to move them from these platforms to a place where you can deepen your connection. Podcasts & newsletters are great for this as people generally give these more attention and commit themselves to hearing more through subscribing. 

So use your posts on YouTube & Instagram to encourage sign ups by treating them almost like trailers, they are the short form teasers of what you go into in more long form on your podcasts and newsletters. Note how you give more involved depth on your mailing list / podcast. So sign up / subscribe. “If you like this post, you’ll love my podcast. Sign up through the link in my bio.”

In signing up or subscribing they’re committing their attention to you, your ideas and your knowledge for longer, deeper durations and opening themselves up to do it over and over which will bring this depth to the relationship. Don’t take this lightly, honor their commitment and share your best content with them to justify the engagement, think quality over quantity and also where it’s going. 

Ultimately you want to build an audience that’s interested in your world of learning, values your expertise and is willing to pay for it. Using the model that’s shared here, focus your content on key topics, so seed ideas and areas of learning through your instagram and youtube posts, develop them and the want to learn more through your podcast and mailing list and then ultimately share the place to learn more, your workshop or course that brings everything together. 

This focus helps people identify you and your expertise, it helps them appreciate the value of your learnings and justify the investment to learn more. It also makes your life easier. It brings shape to who you are, how you can help, why people should follow you and who you’re of most value to.

With this work done and foundation built, the world is yours to expand into then.

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