Meet Aimee Batuski, a coach specialised in unlocking the power of intimacy and desire. She works with women, helping them to reach into this space and build out their lives in a more aligned, authentic pleasure filled fashion.

Aimee is a highly in demand life coach and also the cofounder of Desire On Fire, an extremely successful group training program within this space. See:

We’ve become friends here in Bali, she has an energy and enthusiasm for life that’s infectious and my god she is passionate about what she does!

In this chat together we explore her work, who she works with and what this work looks like. She talks about living a desire filled life and what this looks like in practicality, the joys of it and the challenges.

She shares some of the key learnings that she’s had in her life and how they’ve helped her navigate her journey so far. She comes from a life long journey in self development, her parents are certified coaches and she went to her first self development program at age 8.

I really hope you enjoy this and get great value from it. Let me know your feedback either via instagram or my site & if you want to connect in with her from here, you can find her via: