Meet David Hans Barker aka The Millionaire Monk who is taking vipassana meditation online and to the masses.

I met David first while I was staying in his incredible cliff side resort The Istana which is comfortably the most beautiful and awe inspiring resort I’ve ever stayed in. Its just so calming, relaxing and healing.

I stumbled into a chat with him, first thinking he was a guest until he let me know that the place was his. We chatted for near an hour. One of those beautiful conversations where you’re sharing, learning, and growing word by word.

He’s incredibly well read and his knowledge is deep, not just about others but about himself too, his story, his journey, the lessons he’s learned and his beliefs. It was beautiful to get to chat with a man like this.

A few weeks later I reached out with an invite for this podcast, I wanted to share him with you…. Whats really special, the man who’s doing so much and helping so many others has the time, he’s very relaxed, calming and giving of both his time and wisdom.

In this conversation I wanted to explore what he does, his mission to get 80,000,000 people meditating and a few of the milestones in his life thats led him to where he is today.

We explore a number of subjects, we talk about vipassana, love,  mindset, online learning, life lessons and evolving thought.

I hope this is simply an introduction and we’ll chat again as no doubt there is so much to learn from this man.

Enjoy and let me know your feedback either via instagram or my site. If you want to connect in with him from here, you can find him via: