Dr. Fionnula McHale is a medical doctor who practices functional medicine. She’s predominantly works with people suffering from chronic illnesses and peak performance athletes and individuals.

We journeyed deep into her area of expertise and discussed some simple life hacks that make a big impact in terms of addressing health issues and developing peak performance. We then went into her own journey to where she is today, the challenges she’s had, what she learned from these and how she navigated through.

From an entrepreneurial perspective, if you want to perform at your best and optimally deal with the challenges you’ll inevitably have to face along your way, you have to learn to work with your body. You are your most important asset. If you don’t fully appreciate this you’ll burn out and that’ll grind your ambitions to a halt but if you do get on top of yourself, you might realise a whole greater level of strength, balance and energy that you never knew was there.

This is a big area of interest for me and I took a lot from this conversation. I think very highly of Fionnula and so I’m delighted to introduce her to you and share her insight and expertise.

I really hope you get value from this, please do let me know your feedback either via instagram or my site and if you want to connect in with her from here, you can find her via: https://www.instagram.com/drfionnula