Meet Paul Merriman, Irelands chief money man and financial planner extraordinaire.

He’s a fast talker and even faster mover who “loves money” and is taking the financial industry here in Ireland by absolute storm.

From packing shelves to managing millions, in this chat we talk through his journey to where he is today, the key lessons he’s learned along the way and a whole host of tips and advice in the areas of personal finances, financial planning and money management.

We also talk about life as an entrepreneur and his thoughts and ideas around the world that he aimed to create for himself and now has. This interview meets him a beautiful place where

He has a beautiful way of breaking down points and simplifying ideas that others would have you utterly confused by. Have a pen at the ready, theres a lot to take from this episode.

I really hope it brings you value and for any dramatic savings you make please feel free to send Paul or myself a commission.

Enjoy and please do let me know your feedback either via instagram or my site. If you want to connect in with him from here, you can find him via: