Meet Phoebe Kuhn, a branding & story telling expert thats making an exciting name for herself.

In this chat together we explore her space and one of the secret to how she delivers such incredible results for her clients, Human Design.

What is Human Design? It’s a logical system that brings together principles of The I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics. Human Design offers a map, or a manual, that indicates how you are unique as a person, and guides you in living in a manner that is in sync with who you are.

We met a few weeks back and within minutes of our conversation she was sharing her expertise in this area and insights into me that were exceptionally mind blowing.  Quite magical to be honest and I’ve since been exploring the space.

With that, I had to ask her to share more over this podcast. I wanted to explore her journey to where she is and what she’s done with herself.

We talk about life, embracing the darkness, her career and the value she brings to her clients. Personal branding and even crypto currencies and investing.

I really hope you enjoy this and get great value from it. Let me know your feedback either via instagram or my site & if you want to connect in with her from here, you can find her via: