Meet Sarah Lucey, the Irish butcher’s daughter who is now the nightclub queen of the US and entertaining the world’s biggest A-list celebrities every week.

She is “mad driven” as she puts it and shares a beautiful message of self belief telling me that “if you can’t take yourself seriously, nobody else will”.

We talked about her journey to where she is now and how she challenges and drives herself over and over. She arrived in Miami with only a weeks accommodation and cash, that was the space she gave herself to make things happen. Incredible.

She shared her tips for others following in her footsteps, how to get the right opportunities and manage them once they’re in front of you and talked about the human side of the work she does, how to read people and relate.

Sarah is a really inspiring person with such a beautiful message which I’m delighted to share.

Enjoy and please do let me know your feedback either via instagram or my site. If you want to connect in with her from here, you can find her via: