Introducing Tom Dalton of TD Performance. TD Performance has been leading the way in workplace wellness here in Ireland, creating evidence-based employee wellness programs for multiple companies across a number of industries.

Tom is somebody who lives and breathes what he does, his energy is infectious and this chat together covers so much, everything from his approach to business, to life in general and the insights and strategies to success that he shares in the work that he does.

We talk business, how he built up his organisation, how he approaches the clients he works with and tailors his offering to compliment their needs. Tom is is a very system and strategy oriented type and so there a lot of method and guidance that he shares in this.

We talk about his offering and how he’s helping his clients deal with the very challenging professional and indeed personal issues that have come up through covid. He shares his tips and insights into whats been working best for those that are under his wing.

We journeyed into his past and discussed the key lessons he’s learned along the way, how he’s used his dyslexia to his advantage, enabling him to think differently, how he’s so conscious of creating good habits and how he’s methodical in his approach to all that he does, taking time to track results, review and refine as he goes.

I really hope this brings you value, enjoy and please do let me know your feedback either via instagram or my site. If you want to connect in with him from here, you can find him via: