How to Overcome Your Imposter Syndrome and Build Your Self-Confidence

man jumping into the air - symbolising overcoming imposter syndrome

Have you ever gone for a big opportunity only to find yourself caught like a deer in headlights, questioning whether you’re really good enough? Have you ever succeeded in chasing your ambitions only to start panicking that you’ll somehow get ‘found out’ for being some kind of fraud? Even if it feels like it right […]

What You Want as an Entrepreneur Might Not Be What You Need

woman sitting down at computer typing a to do list as part of her business plan.

In my work as a business and life coach, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and mentors to figure out how they do what they do.  I’ve also been there myself. I’ve built and sold four of my own businesses and helped build other startups, so I’m no stranger to the […]