The Secret to Selling for Coaches

The benefits of mentorship for entrepreneurs

The secret to selling for coaches isn’t selling yourself, but empowering those around you to sell for you.

So how do you do that?


Do The Best Job You Can

Do an extraordinarily good job with whoever it is you get to work with.

So much so that the results will be so overwhelming that everybody else around the client can’t help but notice the results and wants to know – where did they get them from?

You need to do outstandingly good work with your clients.

A lot of the time people find themselves distracted with their sales and marketing so they actually don’t concentrate as much as they should with their clients.

Do the best work you possibly can with every client, and the ripple effect of that will come full circle for you. 

Once you’re giving your clients the best of you, these “secrets” to selling for coaches, should flow right from that:


1. Empower Your Clients 

Empower your client to refer people to you. Motivating them through referral schemes can be one great way to do that.

This might mean giving them a commission on the sale, or a discount off the back of any sales that come from introductions. 

This will really incentivise your clients to sell for you, and creates a scenario that is mutually beneficial for both of you. 


2. Peer Network

Look at those around you who are doing similar work to you. Keep an eye out for those who can recognise and appreciate how well you do your work.

These are the people that are primed to make introductions for you.

The first thing is letting them know. Having a conversation with them and say “hey, I would love you to make introductions for me.”

And incentivise that again by perhaps giving them a commission on those introductions. A lot of people don’t know whether or not to make an introduction unless you say it.

So having those conversations is really important


3. Complimenting Organisations

The third secret I have found over the years – is complimenting organisations. 

For example – I had a client who was a physiotherapy coach. It made a huge sense for him to partner up with local yoga studios and gyms. 

So – he wasn’t selling. He did a complimentary deal with gyms and yoga studios. And they sold for him.

Your work will always provide benefit to a specific type of people. Those you are calling out to come to you.

Where do they cross over? Where could you build a relationship that will funnel people towards you?


Trust the Process

Those are the three main secrets to selling that every coach glosses over, or doesn’t realise the potential of.

I’ve seen firsthand how these ways of working with people really compliment businesses.

Most often people get distracted with their website, their social media, their advertising. 

And these areas are more clunky and complicated actually. Whereas when it comes to people, it’s a different story. People work with people and like attracts like. Good business people are good at connecting, and this is where the kinesis happens. 

So framing deals and incentives around that is what really makes things flow. 

Have you read anything that speaks to you here, or that you’d like to try? The benefits of these pathways are so fruitful, so don’t hesitate to send me a message and we can see what work we can do together.