What is Holistic Business?

the work 'holistic' - pertaining in this post to holistic business

A little while ago, I changed my title on my LinkedIn and social media platforms to Entrepreneur and Holistic Business Coach. And ever since, those questions haven’t stopped coming in.

pisture of two entrepreneurs at a desk over one laptop


What is ‘holistic business?’ And what is a ‘holistic business coach’?

When you Google it, there are very few results. So I thought I’d make a post to explain, as it seems there is space out there for the conversation. And it’s something I’m truly passionate about and have gained a lot of experience in.

For me, holistic business has a simple philosophy: it’s business that flows from the heart.

It’s an approach to business that is all-encompassing. Which means that what you do, aligns with who you are.


The Compounding Effect

a picture of dominoes stood up ready to fall - representing compounding effect And the more you do of whatever that is, the greater it compliments, or empowers you to be a better version of yourself. And all those that come in contact with what it is that you do, benefit as a result.

For me, practicing business holistically and striving to pursue business that is meaningful to you, is something that few people value currently.


The Difference

image of an entrepreneur sitting at a desk calculating numbers - representing businessRight now a lot of people fall into the old trick of just following cash. Jumping from one business to the next, making money. But they’ll never really be that great at it, because it’s simply not very stimulating.

Whereas on the flip side of that – if you follow your heart and pursue things that excite and invigorate you, because it is driven from the heart, it will come naturally. And when you do what it is you do, people who come into contact with you will benefit as a result, too.


The Natural Motivator

image of a woman on a hike in the forest, jumping in the air - symbolising being full of energyIt’s impossible not to be supercharged with energy and highly motivated when you’re driven by something you’re passionate about. Working doesn’t feel so much like ‘work,’ and all those results compound over time to build into something great.

And here the key – you will do really well financially as a result, too.

As the saying goes: when you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.


Working Holistically Gives You an Advantage 

image of a man holding an ace up his sleeve - working holistically gives you an advantage

That’s why I think working holistically is like being a cut above the rest. It gives you a competitive advantage that so few out there are tuning into.

In being a holistic business coach, I work with people in a way where I am helping them towards this alignment with who they are. Helping them tune into their heart and working from that place of passion, making sure that everybody who comes into contact with them or whatever it is that they are doing, benefits, as a result.


Passion Pays Off

image of three business woman sitting down discussing things - working with what you love, holisticallyWorking from a place of heart, you’re far less likely to burn out, so will have more energy as a result. You are going to be fired up and doing really well. And because of the positive impact you have, people will be recommending you like mad.

And that’s the goal. To build up to that. Then you get the compounding effect, that’s really unstoppable.

So, I hope you’ve gotten a good grasp on what holistic business is, or what a holistic approach to business is, and what a holistic business coach does through this.

If it interests you and you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch!