What To Know Before You Start Your Own Podcast

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A lot of people have been launching their own podcasts, especially during Coronavirus. As a media form, it’s never been more popular, so it’s a solid way to promote yourself right now. After starting my own, there were a few learning curves I wanted to share. Ones that I wish I knew before starting. I’m twenty-eight episodes into The University of Life. And it’s a hell of a journey.  So if you want to start your own podcast, you’re in the right place.

I think a lot of people jump into podcasting before they know entirely what’s involved. So hopefully if you’re reading this, you can get a few tips from me.

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Know Your ‘Why’

The first thing is: to know your ‘why.’ I know I’m pulling from Simon Sinek here, but what he says is so true. It really is so integral to know why it is that you want to set up a podcast. Or do anything, really. Because it is a big undertaking and is something you have to learn a lot along the way with.

It’s a lot of work – so why is it worth it?

If you’re doing it because you want to get famous – it’s going to take a hell of a long time to make any real progress. If you’re doing it for lead generation, the chances are you’ll get more leads off the back of Google ads or social media ads.


What You Love

an image of a man playing piano, talking about doing what you love as an entrepreneur. starting a podcast should be in line with you holistically

For me, I love having conversations with people. And I know that’s the way I learn best, personally.

So regardless of trying to get any kind of audience, I love having the conversations I’m having on my podcast, anyway. I’m always engaging with people and having discussions. I see how much they can benefit me, and I gain such insight with what I learn both with the conversations and in producing the podcast.


Think Holistically

picture of a jigsaw with the pieces all scattered - when thinking about your to do list, think holistically, think of the whole picture If you’re setting out to do a podcast, make sure that it compliments you in a similar way. Think holistically. Make sure it’s something you are interested in, passionate about, and want to dive into.

Are you naturally drawn to a certain subject or do you just want to make money and be famous?

This is very much in line with the idea of holistic business. Making sure what you do in your professional life, is in line with who you are in your personal life.

So when you hit challenges, you’ll be motivated to push hard rather than struggle, because you’re passionate about it.



The other thing is – make sure that it’s cheap to do.

a small blue piggy bank with a person putting a coin in it, signifying the importance of cost in business and the cost of creating a podcastIt can be very easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’ll do things like rent a space, get a graphic designer, a marketer, copywriter. And before you know it every episode is going to cost you a few hundred. That might be ok for the first few episodes but when the results aren’t coming in as quickly as you’d like, that financial burden is going to become an obstacle to gaining momentum.

Make sure you can set up and execute your podcast for as little as possible, and as efficiently as possible. While maintaining a high standard of quality.

It can also help to keep anxiety down by keeping overheads low, too. Knowing there will be no surprises in that area is reassuring. And knowing that you can continue something you are passionate about, even if things get a little tighter financially. It’s good to know you’ll be consistent, even if things are a bit wobbly, as things can be as an entrepreneur.



a rode recording device - which makes it easier to record podcasts on the go I got myself a really good mic, which is mobile. So I don’t have to record in a studio. I can do episodes while travelling.

Make it easy for people you’re interviewing to want to come on.

Ensure that it’s comfortable and easy to do interviews. For example, if you used a studio – it costs you first of all, but second of all the person you’re interviewing has to get there as well. Little things like me being able to come to guests on the show has made things that little bit more convenient to work with people, and removes any barriers. It also saves money.


Pick the Right People

an image of a van stopped at the side of a road - when making a podcast - it can be important to remember to keep costs down and one way to record a podcast is on the road - which works for a lot of business people out there It goes without saying that make sure whoever you are interviewing is interesting. And that they have value to bring to the table. Would you want to listen to the conversations you’re having with them?

Make sure you do your research before sitting down to record. It’s not just a chat. You’re there to learn and make sure to get the most interesting content.


Who’s Listening?

Think of your audience.

It will help guide you in terms of who you’re picking to interview, the questions you’ll ask, where to direct the conversation and when to dig deeper.

When you’re undertaking your own initiatives in business, it’s paramount that it brings value to you. But in order for it to grow, it needs to bring value to the audience as well. Because you’ll get energy from the audience and the reception.

a close up of a podcast recording mic - discussing the types of recording devices that work before you start your own podcastAnd hopefully, even sponsorship because of the growth of the audience. So keep that in mind.

These are just a few small tips to get starting if you’re thinking of starting a podcast. Simple things that can help give you a leg up.

The main thing to take away ahead of launching anything, not just a podcast, is – do your research. Do the work and it will pay off. As I said in my post about making a business plan – getting the fundamentals right of anything is key. Research and hard work at the beginning pays off. So don’t rush it, and make sure you get it right from the start.

It’s quality over quantity.



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