The University of Life & Phoebe Kuhn

Meet Phoebe Kuhn, a branding & story telling expert thats making an exciting name for herself. In this chat together we explore her space and one of the secret to how she delivers such incredible results for her clients, Human Design. What is Human Design? It’s a logical system that brings together principles of The I […]

The University of Life & Aurimas Juodka

Meet this incredible man Aurimas Juodka, AJ for short. AJ specialises in productivity, efficiency and life optimisation. He is an educator, speaker and coach who has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to tap into pristine mental and physical condition through his coaching. His space is one that I love. I’ve been obsessed with self experimenting since […]

The University of Life & Amanda Biccum

Raw, honest, vulnerable and educational. This conversation with Amanda Biccum is something else. Amanda works in the relationship space, helping people build authentic bespoke relations for themselves versus how most of us do things, which is simply how we think we should. In this conversation together she beautifully breaks down the different states of relating, […]

The University of Life & Dylan Werner

Oh what a pleasure it is to share this conversation with you that I had together with Dylan Werner. Dylan Werner is a world renowned yoga instructor, lecturer, author, and educator in health, well-being, and mindfulness. If you’re in to your yoga poses, check this mans account out. What he can do would bend your […]

The University of Life & Joe Moore

What a pleasure it is to introduce you to my good friend Joe Moore. Joe is serial entrepreneur, he’s someone thats livid many lies. He’s been homeless, sold drugs, travelled the world, immersed himself in the self-development space and has now built up an incredible business. Together with two others he’s founded Platinum University, an […]

The University of Life & Aimee Batuski

The University of Life & Aimee Batuski

Meet Aimee Batuski, a coach specialised in unlocking the power of intimacy and desire. She works with women, helping them to reach into this space and build out their lives in a more aligned, authentic pleasure filled fashion. Aimee is a highly in demand life coach and also the cofounder of Desire On Fire, an […]