Life Hack, Personal Vision & Goal Setting

We hear so much about goal setting and the importance of having a personal vision for yourself but why? Why are these practices so powerful and what does an optimised way of approaching them look like?  To start its important to define the terms as they can be quite misunderstood. Your vision is your destination, […]

Want to know how most wellness experts are building their businesses online?

They focus first on being discovered. The two leading platforms for this right now are YouTube & Instagram. People get discovered on Instagram, via others sharing your posts, and on google & youtube via people searching topics you’ve posted videos on.  So with this in mind, your content on these platforms should be warm & […]

Life Hack, Journaling

image of a cup of coffee and a notebook - symbolising work life balance and working holistically

We hear so much about journaling but why? What makes it so valuable and what does a journaling practice look like? Journaling is one of the best self development tools that you can use to help you get more grounded, more self-aware and in tune with your highest ideals. It also commits you to the […]

What You Need to Consider When Pricing As a Coach

There are so many elements you need to consider when it comes to pricing as a coach. A lot of things need to be brought to the table. What I come across most in my work is that people only bring a few of those things to the table, instead of all of them.  The […]

The Key Elements of Personal Branding for Coaches

Working as a coach, you’re more than likely going to have an online presence. This means – for personal branding – your online identity will need to accurately represent your identity offline. So to keep it authentic and get it right, there are few key elements to keep in mind: . 1. You  When it […]

The Most Important Thing That Coaches Forget

It can be hard to keep up with everyday life, especially if you’re running your own business. Coaches have a real tendency to forget about themselves in the process of working for other people’s benefit. But the most important thing that coaches forget? You are your most important client.  This is so. Important.  Whatever coaches […]