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What You Need to Consider When Pricing As a Coach

There are so many elements you need to consider when it comes to pricing as a coach. A lot of things need to be brought to the table. What I come across most in my work is that people only bring a few of those things to the table, instead of all of them.  The… Read more

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5 Things To Know Before Starting Your Own Business

Recently, someone asked me to share what I think every entrepreneur should know before starting out in business. Questions like these could have me talking for hours as there’s so much I’d love to share, but I compiled what I think are the top five valuable nuggets into this list below, in the hopes of… Read more

Why Removing Draining People is the Key to Success

I think certain conversations have their time, depending on what’s going on in the world. And this is one that keeps coming up. I spoke about it a few years ago, so I wanted to revisit it. It’s something people seem to be talking about a lot at the moment. And it’s the problem of… Read more