Life Hack, Personal Vision & Goal Setting

We hear so much about goal setting and the importance of having a personal vision for yourself but why? Why are these practices so powerful and what does an optimised way of approaching them look like?  To start its important to define the terms as they can be quite misunderstood. Your vision is your destination,… Read more

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When Setting Goals, Think Small vs Bigger. Here’s Why…

In my previous post, I spoke about self-care for entrepreneurs in terms of taking care of ourselves to prevent burnout. In this next post I want to build on that. I’m going to discuss goal setting and why, when we’re deciding on goals – bigger isn’t always better. Walk, Don’t Run I think a lot of… Read more

Self-Care for Entrepreneurs 

I believe that one of the key parts of realising any business idea – is looking after yourself. That is why I am passionate about self-care for entrepreneurs and highly driven people. Because I believe putting yourself first is one of the keys to success. Self-care, and the lack thereof is one of the most… Read more

7 Movies Every Entrepreneur NEEDS to Watch

There’s a myth out there that entrepreneurial types shouldn’t have any ‘downtime.’ We’re always on the go, out chasing our dreams, with no time to relax. But the truth is, we all need to make time to recuperate after a hectic week or busy day..But my trick is – sometimes I use my downtime to… Read more

5 Things To Know Before Starting Your Own Business

Recently, someone asked me to share what I think every entrepreneur should know before starting out in business. Questions like these could have me talking for hours as there’s so much I’d love to share, but I compiled what I think are the top five valuable nuggets into this list below, in the hopes of… Read more

Why Removing Draining People is the Key to Success

I think certain conversations have their time, depending on what’s going on in the world. And this is one that keeps coming up. I spoke about it a few years ago, so I wanted to revisit it. It’s something people seem to be talking about a lot at the moment. And it’s the problem of… Read more